The Chainsmokers Keep Climbing the Charts

The Chainsmokers are still experiencing a lot of success with Memories… Do Not Open, their debut album, even though it’s been more than a year since the album was first released. Even though the album is still on the top of the charts, they are still producing new material and hits that their fans are absolutely loving! Memories… Do Not Open is doing so well, that it’s the third longest-running album at the top spot on the Billboard Dance/Electronic chart.

The Chainsmokers’ album has gone more than 35 weeks since its release in 2017 in top position and recently just surpassed the Gorillaz’s Demon Danze as the third longest-running album ever. While Memories… Do Not Open has lost their position a few times, it keeps jumping back to be right back on top! Right now The Chainsmokers’ are headed for the 2nd longest-running spot as long as the trend continues, and it seems like they may not have a problem reaching it. Since the album was released, it never dropped below the top 5 while it made room for new albums.

Alex Pall, one of the founding members of The Chainsmokers, began the group in 2012 with a different partner. In 2012, Drew Taggart joined creating the current musical duo of The Chainsmokers with Alex Pall. The two first performed live together in 2014 while opening for Timeflies at Terminal 5. Since then, they have seen their popularity grow, starting with hits like “#Selfie” and “Roses”. One of their biggest hits was a collaboration with artist Halsey with the #1 single “Closer”. Memories… Do Not Open also features work with Coldplay and other popular artists.

2018 will see the release of The Chainsmokers newest album, whose title has not yet been released. The first single off of their second studio album, “Sick Boy”, was released in January of this year. Since then, The Chainsmokers have been releasing at least one single every month.