Cotemar is Determined to Change the Fate of Mexican Oil Industry

Cotemar, a major oil and gas servicing firm in Mexico, is on a mission to change the fate of country’s oil industry. For a long time, there was a stagnation in the sector considering the lack of innovation in it. For many years, only state-owned firm, Pemex, was allowed to do oil exploration and refining. This created a monopoly in the Mexican oil industry, which is the major contributors of country’s income. The non-aggressive strategy of Pemex also paid costly for the country along with inefficient exploring and refining processes. These resulted to a complete retardation of business, industry, and the economy of the country.



Finally, the Mexican government decided to open the doors to private players and called for their bids in tenders. A number of petroleum servicing firms including Cotemar shortlisted for the auction, and the country is expecting an acceleration in the number of barrels per day and business. Since servicing companies like Cotemar is known for innovation and quality service, the industry also expects that Pemex would be forced to compete with new players who were once its servicing firms. Pemex is expected to go for innovation and change in strategy to be aggressive in acquiring the business and capturing markets. If all these happens, it would be a journey back to the golden days of the country and its oil industry.



Cotemar is founded in the year 1979, to offer specialized vessels and food and accommodation services to the oil industry players. Considering there were no other major players, Pemex was its single client in the country. The firm slowly grew in the market, acquired its first rig in 1985, and increased its fleet size. In 2016, the company entered into oil exploration and refining business when the subsidiary of Cotemar, Servicios de Extracción Petrolera Lifting de México S.A. de C.V, acquired Cuichapa Poniente area. The firm wants to give world-class and sustainable energy services solutions in the oil industry by respecting the environment and ensuring the safety.



Currently, the company offers three types of services, namely Construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering; Specialized Maritime Support Vessels; and Accommodation & Catering. Due to the world-class and efficient services it offers, the firm has won a number of certification from various industrial bodies. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 firm for its business activities being effective. Cotemar also won the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate from International Safety Management for its maritime safety activities.

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George Soros is the right’s most formidable political opponent

George Soros has become famous the world over as one of the greatest investors in history. After starting his own hedge fund in 1972, George Soros has gone on to rack up 25 percent returns per annum over a period of greater than 45 years. This has placed him on the list of the richest people in the entire world, with his net worth recently estimated at more than $25 billion. Throughout his career, Soros has been a true investor, making almost the entirety of his personal fortune from his own adroit investments in the stock market. This remarkable feat has quite possibly not been replicated by anyone else alive today, making Soros one of the undisputed greatest investors in the history of the stock market. Read more on

But all of this winning is not unique merely to Soros’ monetary pursuits. Throughout his life, Georeg Soros has always been an extremely competitive individual, getting outstanding grades in high school as well as in college. He has always had a deep fascination with the study of philosophy, leading a life, in practice, which is a case study in how a man can live according to his own principles. Soros has always put his own personal worldview before all other considerations, particularly the acquisition of personal wealth.

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In fact, when Soros was first started out, after having graduated from the London School of Economics, his only goal in life was to earn and save approximately a half a million dollars in today’s money, in order to completely dedicate the rest of his life to the study of philosophy and the elaboration of his own philosophical treatises. Needless to say, this is a highly unusual course for somebody to take who ultimately ended up being one of the most successful businessmen in the recent history of the world. The vast majority of Soros’ plutocratic peers knew from a very young age that the one and only passion they had in life was the acquisition of personal wealth. For Soros, it was precisely the opposite.

It was only slowly, after taking the helm of his own hedge fund, that Soros begin to realize the immense good that could come from the acquisition of phenomenal amounts of wealth. Soros began to view the acquisition of wealth not as a primary goal but as a way in which he could then use that wealth to affect change throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Soros had long made a very close study of philosophy, particularly the works of his old philosophy professor, Karl Popper. Reading Popper’s seminal work for the first time, ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’, was a landmark intellectual event in Soros is life. Soros was so moved by this work that he ultimately named his main philanthropic organization for it, The Open Society Foundations.

Julie Zuckerberg’s Road To Becoming A Leading Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter at Deutsche Bank based in New York. She majored in Philosophy in college and went on to obtain a Law degree from New York Law School. Soon after college, she joined Hudson where she was director of candidate placement. She spent five years at Hudson which saw her recruit various employees including attorneys and case managers. She did an excellent job in this position. Her duties included informing on the job details, promotions, benefits and important guidelines on the various jobs. Her background in law saw her play a role in resolving workplace problems. She achieved this by making sure they were handled within the confines of legal framework and compliance.


She joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2007 where she worked as Executive Recruiter. She was tasked with working on recruitment strategies as well as compensation trends. The objective of this was to give Citi Global Consumer Bank an upper hand against its competitors in the market. She also advised on talent acquisition. This saw her develop a rather vital skill set, that of being able to source talent globally. She also gained an in-depth understanding of the recruitment process from her time at Citi Group on the practical front. The experience gained has shaped her into a world-class recruiter bringing in highly productive candidates.


Upon leaving Citi Group, Julie Zuckerberg started working with New York Life Insurance. Her roles at this company were working on recruitment procedures and coming up with relevant business strategy plans and solutions. She also worked together with senior managers at the company in dealing with other company commitments. It was after this that she got into Deutsche Bank where she currently serves as Executive Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Lead. On top of that, she also works as a counselor and coach of recruitment executive groups. Leading negotiations and overseeing the recruitment of MD level positions is also on her plate.


Throughout her career, Julie Zuckerberg has been able to go from strength to strength to become a top recruiting expert. She has been able to recruit competent professionals wherever she has worked as a result even through social media. She has also developed invaluable networks with a variety of professionals. This has enabled her to develop a strong persona and strategies to propel her career further. Her tenure at Citibank is her most successful so far considering the lengthy period she served there.


The job comes with a lot of responsibilities. Despite this fact, Julie has been able to create time for her exploits. She actively engages herself with volunteer work to enhance various aspects of society. These include science and technology, civil rights, animal welfare, art, and culture as well as economic empowerment. Animal welfare is an important part of Julie’s life as she owns a Persian cat. Photography is also another hobby of hers evidenced by a number of pictures she shares of her worldly travels. She is also into baking with cheesecakes being her specialty as long as baking is concerned.


Jim Tananbaum is at the Forefront of Enabling Biotech Startups Deliver Value to Investors and Patients

Foresite Capital is an equity investment firm with a strong focus on the healthcare industry. The company provides operating capital to biotech startups to enable them to deliver innovative value that enhances patient care. Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital. Recently the company engaged a renowned scientific researcher, Dr. Molly He, to become a venture partner at the firm. Dr. He has over fifteen year’s research experience in pharmaceuticals and genome sequencing. Check out LinkedIn Forsite Capital

Welcoming Dr. He to the Foresite stable, Jim Tananbaum expressed confidence in her outstanding leadership. Foresite Capital was established in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco with an office in New York. It continues to invest in transformational biotech and pharmaceutical companies with futuristic products. The company is setting the pace in investments in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical research.

Jim Tananbaum is an experienced venture capitalist. He has vast interests in over twenty healthcare companies. Some of the business he is associated with include Amerigroup, Healtheon, Amira and Jazz Pharmaceuticals among others. He is also a founding partner of several active venture capital groups such as Prospect Venture Partners I through III. He has previously held key management positions with companies such as Theravance, Sierra Ventures, and Pathwork Diagnostics.

Jim attended Yale University where he graduated with a science degree. He went to Harvard University for his medical doctor’s degree. Jim went to Harvard Business School and obtained a master’s in business administration. Additionally, he received a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Jim Tananbaum recently made the Forbes Midas List of top one hundred “best venture investors.” This is the third consecutive year he has received the honor. The award honors bold investment moves in futuristic biotech companies that deliver value to investors.

Dr. Tananbaum is adept at identifying strategic opportunities and driving the capital required to grow them. Through Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum is currently involved in several biotech companies such as Aimmune, Puma Biotechnology, and Juno Therapeutics. One of his flagship projects is Intarcia Therapeutics, a privately held Boston biotech company.

Jim Tananbaum has been instrumental in shaping Foresite Capital’s investment footprint. He has been involved in the leadership of various companies the group has funded guiding the organization structure and venture policy. More details can be found on his Crunchbase and Facebook page.

The US Money Reserve and the Drive to Advance Investment in Gold

US Money Reserve has taken its efforts to educate the public on the trade in gold several notches higher with the launch of a new Direct Response TV show. In the new show, a panel of three renowned experts will discuss issues surrounding the international trade in gold while viewers will also be able to call the show and interact directly with the panelists in case they have any questions that they want to be answered. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The 28-minute show was scheduled to air in 2016 as part of the activities lined up for the 2016 Gold Summit that took place in Los Angeles. It featured a host of stars including the famous Larry King who was the moderator for the show.

Also present at the show was Michael Reagan who is the son of former US president Ronald Reagan. In his speech delivered right at the beginning of the show, Michael Reagan dwelt on the efforts and passion of his father in promoting the trade in Gold across the states during the time when he served as the president.

The three panelists on the sow were John Rothans, a Master Numismatist from the US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, Chairman of the ICTA and president of the US Money Reserve as well as Brad Castillo who once served as the Vice President in charge of sales at US Money Reserve.

PR Newswire stated that The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001, and since its launch, it has grown and flourished to become one of the biggest private distributors in the world for both US government issued gold as well as gold issued by foreign governments.

In addition to gold, the U.S. Money Reserve also deals in platinum and silver legal tender products. Thousands of clients drawn from all across the states rely on the U.S Money Reserve when it comes to the diversification of their assets by supplementary portfolios in the metal trade since it is more robust and very resistant to economic upheavals.

The official headquarters of the Money Reserve are located in Austin, Texas although it has branches and offices scattered throughout most of the major American cities.

In addition to the actual trade in gold, platinum, and silver, the US Money Reserve also provides expert advice and guidance to hundreds of thousands of clients drawn from all parts of the world who wish to venture into the metal trading market and want to do so without incurring any risks.

Breaking Down The Interesting Stars of Hollywood


It’s a fact that in this day and age, we truly wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves without Hollywood and the actors and actresses that make us laugh, cry and scoff on the screen as well as in news and tabloids. But do we really take enough time to get to know these lovely and interesting people. Where do they come from? What made them the people they are today?

The following is an article about just that. Well, at least two bright and beautiful young women who have no doubt stolen your heart.

First up we have the talented and overly hot Scarlett Johansson. Her on-screen career began in 1994 with the fantasy comedy, North. Her career spanned from the nineties on through to today, with her first adult role in 2003 in Girl With a Pearl Earring. She has won awards for many of her roles on screen and also on stage. Of course, no true Marvel fan could forget her starring as the Black Widow in the Marvel’s “Avengers” and “Captain America” franchises.

Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing knock-out from Columbia, Sofia Vergara hot actress. She got her start on Spanish Speaking television shows, but quickly rose to stardom. She has had several rolls since the early 2000s ans has won several awards for her achievements. She stars as Gloria Pritchett on the hit ABC sit-com “Modern Family”. Sophia has also stared in a few children’s cartoons like “Happy Feet two” and “The Smurfs”.

These ladies aren’t the only stars in Hollywood worth researching, cough. . .Rita Ora pictures, cough. . . but they are definitely note-worthy.

Why a Business Needs an Online Reputation Management Specialist.

On May 16, 2017, FieldEdge announced that it was partnering with ReviewBuzz. The partnership has an aim of providing customers of FieldEdge an easy and fast way of improving their online reputation. FieldEdge is a world-class company that provides field service management software to reputable home service contractors. Here is a look at online reputation management and why even such a high profile company had to seek the services of an online reputation management company.

Reputation is everything to business, reveals It builds over time by earning customers’ trust. One negative word from a single customer may prove disastrous to a company. Being present on social media allows an entrepreneur to see what others say about the business. It makes it possible also to monitor comments and ensure they are positive as only positive feedback will move the business forward.

Focusing on online reputation has always resulted in improved sales. A high positive online reputation provides a business with a significant competing advantage. An outstanding online reputation is an indication that a company’s services or products are of remarkable quality. When announcing their new partnership, FieldEdge said they found out that to a significant percentage of customers online reviews bear the same precedence as personal recommendations.

A business will not always receive positive publicity. However, managing its online reputation allows it to retain the trust of its customers so that it can continue growing. Many companies spend a fortune on online advertisement and marketing. They can save a lot of money and energy by focusing on their online reputation. It is evident that customers trust online reviews more than adverts.

Any business interested in leading in the local market and expanding into the global market should hire an online reputation management specialist. These professionals conduct thorough competitor analysis and keep the company updated on the competitors’ actions. They also focus on ensuring that the company always has a positive online image. However, it is necessary to choose carefully because the business can benefit immensely when the selected specialist meets all its marketing needs.

Getting the Ideal Lawyer to Handle your Legal Issues

Getting involved in an endless legal battle can be frustrating and emotionally draining. However, it is even more frustrating when you hire a person to handle the issue, and they end up not being the most competent person to deal with the problem. It is therefore important to make sure that each time you have a legal issue you have to resolve, you perform your due diligence and get the most qualified lawyer on the case. The association of New York lawyers has come up with a website where all the qualified lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein in the state are listed and the work of getting the most competent lawyer becomes really easy for the clients.


With this new arrangement, all the client has to do is log on to the site. Then, fill in a questionnaire which has been posted there. The details that will be filled in the questionnaire include the particulars of the case which you are dealing with, the level of expertise that you need and where you are located. This information will be used by the site administrators to pair you with a perfect lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein for the job.


The other great benefit that comes from making use of the site is that the lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein, who are listed on the site have been properly vetted. This means that the people in charge of administrating the site have looked at the credentials of the lawyer and are in a position to protect you from being preyed on by unqualified and unscrupulous lawyers in the field.


Lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein deal with issues such as family law, personal injury law, and business law. Their many years of expertise assure you of a fair running of the case and also the fact that the process will take the shortest time possible so that you can resume your normal activities.


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Have A Glass Of Wine, And Make Some Money While You’re At It!

Do you like to have a glass of chilled sweet wine once in a while? Do you have a glass of wine with snacks or with dinner? If so, then you might be interested in taking a look at The Traveling Vineyard.

With The Traveling Vineyard, you can host a wine-tasting party in your home. You can invite your friends and acquaintances to taste wines and the snacks that go with them. The Traveling Vineyard will supply everything you need in a wine-tasting kit. Even the party invitations are included. Add to that the wines, the snacks, party favors, and of course, some order forms for your friends to order wines from you. Wines basically sell themselves. Studies indicate that over 80% of wine sales are impulse sales. That means that the decision to buy is made right on the spot, simply from seeing the wine.

The idea of being a wine guide here is to ask one of your friends to host a party for you, and invite all her friends as well. She will get a free gift and some wines as a reward for this. You customer base will grow that way, and in the meantime, you will have old customers re-ordering and trying new wines.

The Traveling Vineyard does not sell cheap wines. Their taste-testers go to many different chateaux to find just the right wines that will carry their name.

If you want an exciting possibility to have a home business and have fun while you are doing it, try The Traveling Vineyard. As far as home businesses go, it is in a class by itself.


Things You Must Address When Looking for a Lawyer

When looking for a lawyer to handle your criminal case, help you on your divorce issue or handle other legal issues can be quite stressing more so when you don’t know where to start. New Yorkers however are a very lucky lot thanks to the new and convenient online portal service founded by The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). Through this online portal service, you are able to find a lawyer with the experience and qualifications needed for the job 24 hours in a day.


However, before signing up on that portal you’ll need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge on how to find a good lawyer and this include;


Understanding your legal needs. A good lawyer is determined on the needs of their clients. When filling the online form provided on the portal describe your legal issue vividly. This will help the portal give you the best solutions of lawyers who can handle your case.


Look at referrals. Highly referred lawyers are your best bet to having your problem best solved. Inasmuch some instances you’ll be rewarded by paying a visit to a referred lawyer, look beyond the incentive and g for value addition.


Go for consultation. The only way to tell whether you are getting value is through consultation. It is through here that you will access the skills and proficiency of your potential lawyer, therefore do not overlook this point.


Inasmuch as finding the best lawyer is key, it’s equally important to consider there law firm. One lawyer who is a one fit all package is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Through his firm Jeremy Goldstein he helps advise CEOs, compensation committees, management teams and corporations in corporate governance and executive compensation matters, more so in issues dealing with the context of transformative corporate events and sensitive situations.


Jeremy Goldstein boasts of a strong understanding of law with a good wealth of experience having studied at Degree in Juris Doctor at the New York University School of Law from 1996 – 1999 and worked for 14 years at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. When considering a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein best fits your job description any day.