Rocketship Education Paves the Way To Success

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school system that empowers students from economically challenged areas to gain a first-class elementary education. In many poorer areas of the country, the tax base has eroded to such an extent that there are no funds to support a quality school system. The result is a very wide educational gap that occurs, leaving these children behind forever.

Rocketship Education has proven that that dire result does not have to be true. Their innovative and effective methods have brought students from darkness into a world of education which they could only dream about before.

Rocketship learned early on since their inception in 2006 that it was mandatory to win the hearts and minds of the community and the parents. Especially the parents, because without concerned parents the program would be doomed to failure. Rocketship forms important partnerships with all parties including the community, parents, expert instructors, and of course, the students.

Parents play a vital role. Rocketship requires their teachers to have an annual home visit to meet the parents and find out their wishes and desires for their children scholastically. When parents become engaged, so do their children. Parents can become as involved as much as they wish from simply encouraging their children, becoming leaders, helping teachers with classwork, to become community advocates.

The students enjoy a dynamic and fun environment at Rocketship. Coursework ranges from science, math, reading, social studies, art, music, and other lifestyle courses. Classes can vary from a larger “traditional class setting” for general information, small groups, and individual tutoring. A good smattering of technology is available on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and digitized lessons that are self-completing.

The curriculum centers around the core values of empathy, respect, responsibility, and persistence. These are traits that all good students need to have, but these also make for good citizens as well.

The results tell the story better than anything, as the average Rocketship student is ready to graduate a full year earlier than their peers who attend public schools. In addition, the Rocketship students who go on to middle school have higher test scores and are more adaptive to new subject matter. They are more confident and have greater social and learning skills, according to studies.