Betsy DeVos Comes To Washington D.C. With Fresh Perspective

If you were to take a nationwide poll about parental satisfaction in the public school system, the results might shock you in an unpleasant way. The United States’ global ranking in education-related fields is something that should alarm and upset the vast majority of patriotic Americans. Parents being dissatisfied with the state of public education is something to be expected but it is not something that we need to live with. Betsy DeVos, the newest installed Secretary of Education of the United States, has her work cut out for her. With a long history of working for school reform at the private level, will Betsy DeVos be able to instill her fresh perspective of reform at the federal level?


Betsy DeVos is known around political circles in Michigan for two very different reasons. The first reason, which you would agree with after meeting DeVos, is that she is a soft-spoken individual who is as charming as she is easy to get along with. The second reason that politicians in Michigan are aware of Betsy DeVos is far different: she is a political bulldog. DeVos earned a reputation for being someone who is tough at the negotiation table and absolutely calculating in the way she approaches her work. As the chair of several major educational foundations and the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has experience trying to work with others in a political capacity, even as a private citizen. Betsy DeVos will have to lean on both of these personality traits as she seeks to take her private success to the federal government.


As the hand-selected choice for Secretary of Education by President Trump himself, Betsy DeVos is coming to Washington D.C. with a certain amoutn of clout next to her name already. With that being said, the American political scene is more divided now then it has been since the Civil War. People are well and truly done with trying to get along in a political sense. What does this mean for education reform? Well, it means that Betsy DeVos is going to have to work her job while trying to navigate a hostile environment where obstruction is the norm and combative personalities are everywhere. There will be times when DeVos is even forced to butt heads with the President himself, as she did in regards to President Trump’s decision to end federal protections for transgendered students in relation to school bathrooms. Even though Betsy DeVos is committed to her conservative educational policies, she knows that her work is going to force her to be able to meet in the middle with people at times.


Born and raised in Michigan, Betsy DeVos grew up believing in all of the values that most traditional Americans hold dear. DeVos learned faith, family and conservative policy throughout her childhood and now she is going to try and keep those traits dear to her heart as she seeks to reform education for children now and children to come. With a lot of hard work, Betsy DeVos has a chance to change lives.


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End Citizens United Backs Beto O’Rourke In Tough Texas Race

Some say that Beto O’Rourke is attempting to do the impossible. He is trying to unseat a nationally-known Republican Senator in the state of Texas, one of the reddest of red states where any Democrat is automatically at a disadvantage right out of the gate.

But recent polls show that Congressman O’Rourke is steadily closing the gap in his run to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz, one of the wiliest politicians and corporate cash bloated incumbents in Congress today.

O’Rourke recently received more good news in that he has been endorsed by a national ticket political action committee known as End Citizens United. This is a group dedicated to one goal: getting Big Money out of politics.

End Citizens united is backing Rep. O’Rourke because he is running a campaign while rejecting donations from major corporations, private billionaires or super-PACs. See more of End Citizen United on facebook.

Beto O-Rourke accepts only small donation from thousands of supporters. He’s running an old fashioned grassroots-style campaign that places the power of political influence where it belongs — with the people.

End Citizens united was formed in 2015 as a reaction to the outrageous 2010 Supreme Court decision that came to be known as Citizens United. The ruling opened the floodgates for major corporations and Big Money donors to effectively “buy” the candidate of their choice. Citizens United determined that “corporations are people” and that “money equals free speech.”

The corrupting influence of this decision has been demonstrable in our election process. End Citizens United is working hard to elect candidates like Beto O’Rourke as a first step toward a long-term goal of overturning the 2010 Supreme Court action. Before that can be done, at least one House of Congress must flip from Republican to Democrat control.

Democrats like Beto O’Rourke support the goals of End Citizens United while Sen. Ted Cruz is all about taking as much Big Money and Dark Money he can get his hands on. In fact, Cruz has been named to ECU’s “Big Money 20” list — a tally of the worst offenders of campaign finance regulations in the United States.

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End Citizens United Fuels the Fire of Election Reform

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission started a fire. They ruled, in a controversial 5 to 4 decision, that free speech could be applied to corporations. More specifically that there is no difference between individual and corporation. The fire of election reform that started with that decision still burns today, and out of the ashes came End Citizens United. End Citizens United is the political action committee devoted to overruling the Supreme Court decision, and butting big business out of politics. But exactly how do you overrule a Supreme Court decision?

The answer is legislation. End Citizens United advocates for reform candidates who do not accept endorsements from big business. The goal is put reform candidates in public office, basically saturate congress and the Senate with them. In this way reform legislation can be passed that restricts and regulates corporations ability to fund political campaigns. Visit to learn more about End Citizens United.

The main fear many have is that a lack of restriction on business campaign funding, means that candidates will be bought, elections purchased, and legislation afforded to the victor. Many across the U.S. fear that such a situation renders votes obsolete. This is why End Citizens United uses grassroots funding to support candidates that will attempt to make a difference. But in order for that difference to occur many sitting politicians have to lose their seats, and legislation has to actually pass. Even if it a bill is written does not mean it will pass into a law. So the journey is a very long and arduous one.

In fact, End Citizens United has an even bigger hurdle before it. It’s end game is to actually have the first amendment amended. A huge tax for any group regardless of political stance. The amended portion would redefine free speech as belonging to a person not company. This is about the only way the initial Supreme Court decision can be overruled, and it represents quite the accomplishment. ECU is dedicated, however, and keeps the fight alive every election, pushing its agenda to the bitter end.


End Citizens United Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee went to Federal Election Commission to file a case against Rick Scott. They claim that he had illegally used super PAC when supporting his Senate campaigns. According to PAC, a candidate performs these actions should get federal limits that are placed directly to candidates contributions. At the time of the case, Rick Scott had already raised $78 million to be used as campaign coffers.

It is accordance to super PAC purview that a candidate can raise as much money as possible and then spend the much they want, but the money should not be directly working with processes of campaigns. End Citizens United, therefore, made accusations to Scott of violating the anti-coordination law when he was with New Republican PAC. Rick Scott was once the chairman of the group before he had decided to announce his running plans for Senate seat. PAC, therefore, pledged to give him support to win the election to the United States Senate.

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The Director of Communications in End Citizens United Bozii insisted that Mr. Scott is having the interest to achieve his political ambitions than follow the law. He tried to figure out how he will be able to bypass the laws of elections. He decided to funnel soft money to his former organization super PAC which is used to support the president. Adam Bozzi also said that the existence of super PAC was to help Scott win by sidestepping financial campaign laws by paying his campaign required bills and then disclosure the laws.

Rick Scott denied the accusations vigorously. End Citizens tried to counter his denial by providing a document which was supporting Rick Scott charges of working with organization lately. For example, the End citizens pointed out PAC’s website was still listing Mr. Scott as the chairman of the organization.

End citizens were established after the 2010 frustration where the Supreme Court made decisions against Citizens United. The organization was started in 2015 so that to encourage the campaign finance reform. The mission of the organization is to get the big money completely out of the political system. They have also been supporting those candidates who have been agreeing with their agenda and also the ballot measures which addresses this particular topic. The End Citizens United tried to prove Rick Scott as not being a candidate who can believe in having campaign finance reform, and therefore it’s very important for the organization to defeat Rick Scott at the ballot box.

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End Citizen United Recent Texas Polls

End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed on 1st March 2015 after the Supreme Court decision that has led to big money’s contribution to political candidates’ campaigns. The PAC’s primary focus is to drive big money out of politics to have free and fair elections in the United States. The PAC advocates for elections reforms through funding campaigns for candidates who share their concern to elect as many candidates as possible into Congress to gather enough votes to reform the bill. Grassroots donors fund the PAC, and it is headquartered in Washington DC.

End Citizen United’s latest polls show that Beto O’Rourke is closing in fast on Ted Cruz who is the Republican candidate in Texas. Getting a win in Texas may not be the primary focus of the PAC however; it would be good for the Democrats to get a win. ECU recent polls stated that Cruz is leading by a narrow margin of 45 to 37 percent. In January 2018 the surveys conducted by Google in the area put Cruz at a 14 percent lead while those undertaken during the same time by ECU put him at an 18 percent lead. Within a month the odds of O’Rourke winning have drastically increased.

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The End Citizen United stated that Ted Cruz is in danger of losing as he is getting in his way. The PAC noted that O’Rourke is hardly popular with the voters as 61 percent of voters do not know him well enough to offer him as a probable candidate. This has been viewed as a positive thing as it has led to increasing poll numbers. The main reason why O’Rourke is doing well is that most Texas voters see Cruz as an unfavorable candidate for them. Recent polls have shown that 49 percent of respondents have a disapproving view of the candidate while 38 percent of respondents were in favor of him.

O’Rourke’s current polling gains are vital for him to win in the elections; however, it is very critical that he can bring his campaign and political views to the masses according to O’Rourke was able to outrank Cruz by two votes when voters were given more information about him including his plan to steer clear of donations from PACs. In the last quarter of 2017, O’Rourke raised 2.4million dollars from his supporters without any PACs involvement, while his competitor only raised 1.9 million dollars during the same time while accepting money from both PACs and private donors. However, in total, Ted Cruz has raised over 7.3 million dollars while O’Rourke has only 4.6 million dollars.

The PAC is working towards fighting such inequality through grassroots advocacy. The president Tiffany Miller has shown an example by only allowing each donor to give 14 dollars. Through this method, the organization collected over 25 million dollars during the last election. This is to help set an example as well as motivation for Democrats and other independent candidates.

George Soros is the right’s most formidable political opponent

George Soros has become famous the world over as one of the greatest investors in history. After starting his own hedge fund in 1972, George Soros has gone on to rack up 25 percent returns per annum over a period of greater than 45 years. This has placed him on the list of the richest people in the entire world, with his net worth recently estimated at more than $25 billion. Throughout his career, Soros has been a true investor, making almost the entirety of his personal fortune from his own adroit investments in the stock market. This remarkable feat has quite possibly not been replicated by anyone else alive today, making Soros one of the undisputed greatest investors in the history of the stock market. Read more on

But all of this winning is not unique merely to Soros’ monetary pursuits. Throughout his life, Georeg Soros has always been an extremely competitive individual, getting outstanding grades in high school as well as in college. He has always had a deep fascination with the study of philosophy, leading a life, in practice, which is a case study in how a man can live according to his own principles. Soros has always put his own personal worldview before all other considerations, particularly the acquisition of personal wealth.

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In fact, when Soros was first started out, after having graduated from the London School of Economics, his only goal in life was to earn and save approximately a half a million dollars in today’s money, in order to completely dedicate the rest of his life to the study of philosophy and the elaboration of his own philosophical treatises. Needless to say, this is a highly unusual course for somebody to take who ultimately ended up being one of the most successful businessmen in the recent history of the world. The vast majority of Soros’ plutocratic peers knew from a very young age that the one and only passion they had in life was the acquisition of personal wealth. For Soros, it was precisely the opposite.

It was only slowly, after taking the helm of his own hedge fund, that Soros begin to realize the immense good that could come from the acquisition of phenomenal amounts of wealth. Soros began to view the acquisition of wealth not as a primary goal but as a way in which he could then use that wealth to affect change throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Soros had long made a very close study of philosophy, particularly the works of his old philosophy professor, Karl Popper. Reading Popper’s seminal work for the first time, ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’, was a landmark intellectual event in Soros is life. Soros was so moved by this work that he ultimately named his main philanthropic organization for it, The Open Society Foundations.

Setting the Facts Straight – The DeVos Open Up about their Philanthropic Initiatives

Generous Donors

The spotlight on the DeVos’ charitable characteristic has always focused on their political donations. However, the recent report reveals that their political donations do not compare to their other philanthropic initiatives. The couple has given about $5.3 million in campaign donations over the past five years. Compared to the $139 million donated to charities throughout their lifetimes, their political donations do not even scratch the extent of their philanthropic work.

The DeVos are very vocal about the deteriorating state of education in the U.S. Consequently, most of their donations have been directed to the education sector. For instance, about 26% (about $3 million) of the $11.6 million they donated in 2015 went to education organizations and charities. Additionally, 3% (about $357,000) of this money was donated to organizations that advocate for education reforms. However, the DeVos also contributed towards other causes including health, art, nutrition, and religion, among others.

The extent of the DeVos philanthropic initiatives is even more astounding when the whole DeVos family comes into the picture. Dick DeVos’ father, Rich DeVos, is also known to be a generous donor to political as well as charitable causes; together with his four children, Rich DeVos donated about $104 million to several charities in 2015. To date, the family has donated about $1.33 billion to charities all over the world, about a quarter of its $5.2 billion fortune. Read more about their foundation at

The DeVos have always stirred controversy for their philanthropy initiatives, and 2017 brought this controversy to its peak after Betsy DeVos was nominated and subsequently appointed as the Secretary of Education. Critics lambasted them for their generous donations to the Republican Party. In response, the couple revealed the real extent of their non-political philanthropic initiatives, which total to about $139 million over their lifetimes.

Why Now?

Critics of the DeVos are asking why the couple chose to release the report on their philanthropic initiatives when they did. To them, this move was more of a distraction from the couple’s questionable political donations.

Critics also questioned the goal of the couple’s non-political donations. In particular, they accused the DeVos of trying to profit from the education system that they vehemently advocate. According to the DeVos, charter schools provide quality education and eliminate the shortcomings of the one-size-fits-all education program in public schools. Their critics, on the other hand, argue that charter schools are conduits for siphoning tax dollars from public schools

A Brief Insight into Dick DeVos’ Life

Dick DeVos is described as a loving husband and father of four children. He is also distinguished as the eldest son of billionaire Richard DeVos, and one of the most vocal in the family. Dick DeVos is very active in politics, and particularly right-wing politics; he is yet to hold political office, but he vied for the State of Michigan’s governorship in 2006. In addition to politics, Dick DeVos also helps run the family’s business empire as the president of Amway Corporation in addition to other capacities. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Politics Once Again Rises To the Top of the Priorities of George Soros

Throughout the 21st century the influential financial expert George Soros has been a name consistently linked to providing the highest possible level of funding for left leaning politicians and causes across the U.S. and the world as a whole. Politico reports the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign saw Soros back former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with an impressive $25 million in campaign donations divided between her own campaign fund and the Super PAC’s and groups backing her bid to keep The White House under Democratic control, according to Politico. For George Soros the return to political donating in the U.S. comes as his Open Society Foundations seeks to develop even stronger links to a number of important charitable groups across more than 100 nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros is one of the best known philanthropists and political donors in the world who has provided more than $12 billion in funding for a network of charitable groups and political backers who Soros has sourced to push forward a left leaning agenda that reflects his own vision for society. For George Soros the need to play an important role in the future of the U.S. is not limited to backing the political candidates he feels share some of the ideals he has built up over the years, but also seeks to develop close relationships with those who are looking to gain the backing of the well-known Democrat; George Soros is a major source of funding for many and has benefited from an open door policy from Hillary Clinton who was praised by the Hungarian born hedge fund manager who Forbes estimate is worth more than $25 billion. The backing of Clinton came after George Soros admitted he made a mistake in giving his backing to President Barrack Obama during the 2008 election campaign; in response Soros and Clinton renewed their political friendship over recent years as Clinton prepared for the 2016 election and allowed Soros a glimpse into her policy decisions and options as 2015 and 2016 progressed. Read more about George at The New York Times.

One of the main reasons for backing the campaign of Hillary Clinton has been reported as being a result of the disappointment Soros felt when President Obama abandoned many of the more radical principles he had expressed during the 2008 election campaign. Soros had sat out much of the 2008 and 2012 elections as he had become disillusioned with the role of Obama and admitted to his mistake in not backing Clinton. Politico reports Soros had looked to put right the Presidential election backing of Hilary Clinton and poured a large amount of money into the campaign of the former First Lady and the voter rights groups backing the rights of minority groups across the U.S.