Betsy DeVos: A True Reformer And Pioneer Who Continues To Uplift Students In America

Betsy DeVos has always been a woman who has followed her own path, and she has been able to get plenty accomplished in her lifetime by doing so. When she was younger, she attended a private Christian high school in the town of Holland, Michigan. She also became very interested in a movement that was supported by the Dutch community in Holland. This movement is now known as educational choice, and its aim is to ensure that every young student in America has the same educational opportunities as one another.


As a young adult, Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College, which is a private Christian college located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She eventually earned her Bachelor of Arts in business economics while attending college and has continued to call Grand Rapids her home. During her time in college, she became very interested in politics on the campus and continued to be interested in politics after she graduated. This inspired her to serve as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years, and she has also served in other government positions over the years.


Many people refer to Betsy DeVos as a reformer, and she has definitely proven herself to be so. She was promoting educational choice before it became as popular as it is today, and she continues to do so with the same drive she had many years ago. She is now in a better position to do even more as the secretary of education for the U.S. In classic DeVos style, one of her first moves in the position was to attempt to set a meeting with two women who have completely different points of view than her. These women were Lily Eskelsen Garcia and Randi Weingarten who are the leaders of the two largest teachers unions in the nation. Garcia declined to meet with DeVos, which was to be expected, but, surprisingly, Randi Weingarten accepted the invitation.


Betsy DeVos also turned some heads when she made a surprise appearance at SLAM, which is a charter school that was started up by the rapper Pitbull. DeVos didn’t just make an appearance at the school, she spent some time onstage with Pitbull. This took many people by surprise because Pitbull is a rapper who loads his lyrics with cuss words. As a conservative Christian, DeVos doesn’t see eye to eye with Pitbull on many things, but she made the appearance with him to support charter schools and what they have to offer students.


Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and philanthropist who helped to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation has donated millions of dollars to the causes that she and her husband find the most important. She serves as the foundation’s chairman and also serves on the boards of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy DeVos has tirelessly worked towards creating a better future for students in the United States, and she has already made plenty of progress in this endeavour.


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Betsy DeVos and the Educational Choice Movement

In West Michigan, the DeVos family is legendary for charitable giving and business sponsorship. They have worked with several businesses in Grand Rapids to build up the downtown area, and their contributions include some of the most popular entertainment sectors of downtown, including DeVos Place Convention Center and DeVos Performance Hall. While many have spoken out against Betsy DeVos, it’s been her unwavering belief that students should come first. This prevailing thought ahs allowed her to become more popular with students and parents.


Many teachers have spoken out against public funding for private choice, but DeVos says there is no need. That’s not how it works. Public funding doesn’t pay for private schools or charter schools. Philanthropy has been able to pave the way for those programs. Educational choice just provides options to students who would rather go to another school than the one where they are zoned.


Sometimes, students want to go to a different school because it’s a failing school zone according to standardized testing scores. Others want to go to a school with a curriculum that doesn’t include Common Core method. There are also private schools and technical schools that cater to students’ interests. These have become more popular in the past couple of years.


As DeVos has come up in education reform, many have challenged her on the basis of her experience. She has never been a teacher, but she says that she has always been around the educational community. After all, her mother was a teacher. She has dedicated her life to education reform instead, which is a much different pursuit than teaching. It involves working for the interests of students and putting those interests first.


She talked about this in a recent interview with “60 Minutes” and Lesley Stahl. While the interview brought up many topics related to the success of her fledgling programs, DeVos remained calm and talked about some of the successful programs in areas like Louisiana and Florida. In fact, Florida has one of the top educational choice programs.


The Sunshine State has the most options for students. You can pick between magnet schools, private schools, charter schools, virtual courses, and homeschooling programs. Students can also apply for a tuition-based scholarship program. While not every student will get into these programs, it allows students to have a second choice so that they are not stuck in a school zone that doesn’t excite them or may not have their interests in mind.


DeVos will continue to work with states in implementing new educational choice opportunities. She has been touring southern schools with the First Lady, bringing recognition to certain schools for their performance in the previous year. Her reforms have also included several new policies regarding guns on campus and student safety. These policies have so far worked in the new school year as there have been zero school shootings in the 2018-2019 school year.


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