How Greg Blatt is Utilizing his Business and Law Expertise to Revolutionize Dating

Success in business is no mean feat. Not only does it require commitment but also knowledge in that specific field. It is highly rewarding when you seek the advice of those who have managed to succeed previously in that venture. Doing so is exceptionally important since it allows you to learn how you can effectively run your enterprise and deliver to your customers. One such individual who has made it in the global business arena is Greg Blatt (Consumerist).

Work History and Accomplishments

A quick look at Greg Blatt’s background suggests that he is a dedicated individual who has used his skills to impact positively in the corporate arena. Greg has had a successful career in various online dating firms such as IAC, Tinder and Match Group. He held the role of CEO of both three firms from 2009 to 2017. Before working in those firms, he worked as the executive vice president of IAC in 2009. Indeed, Greg Blatt’s role at the three companies shows his dedication to work and his flexibility.

Greg Blatt graduated with a degree in English, Economics, and Literature from Colgate University. Greg, a staunch believer in good education, never stopped his studies at the undergraduate level. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Columbia Law School where he graduated with a Doctor of Law.

Importance of the Law Degree to his Career

Having a law degree is a critical component for success in the business arena. He confesses that his degree in law has indeed played a crucial role in his victory in the various positions he has held. He admits that the discipline he learned in law school has been an essential enabler to Greg´s achievements at Tinder, Match Group and IAC. The degree assisted him in preparing him for the rigors that come with business and the grueling work of top-level executives.

Achieving success in business encompasses many things. The achievement itself is never guaranteed. To be successful, one needs to have the know-how, dedication and prerequisite experience required to run a company. Therefore, it is vital to seek counsel and learn the ropes from those who’ve managed to achieve success in that field.

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Organo Gold’s Influence On Today’s Coffee Culture

Have you ever heard of Organo Gold? If you haven’t heard about this coffee brand, then you’ve probably been living underground. This particular coffee producer has taken the industry by storm thanks to its rich-tasting coffee products. This coffee just so happens to be laced with ancient-Chinese herbs that manifest from the region’s mountainous region. Organo Gold has a hundred-million-dollar plant that manufactures ganoderma lucidum, which is the brand’s flagship ingredient. The company effectively ships the products all over the globe into 90 different countries thanks to its distributors.

Organo Gold is now part of the world’s coffee culture. Lovers of this brand can celebrate alongside of other like-minded individuals during International Coffee Day. This particular day has only been around since 2015, but it has been growing at an alarming rate ever since. International Coffee Day is a worldwide celebration as well as a worldwide appreciation of coffee as a product. Since coffee culture is basically a social gathering, this day fits the bill perfectly. From Italy to every corner of the earth, people can now celebrate one of the world’s most liked beverages, and they don’t have to feel ashamed for doing so.

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David McDonald is the Current Serving President of OSI Group

OSI group has been experiencing a curve of never-ending growth. Well, the growth of OSI group can be traced back to the excellent leadership offered by people such as David McDonald. Since McDonald possesses the various qualities that a good leader should have, OSI Group has excelled under his tenure as the company’s president.

Background Check

David McDonald started out at OSI Group as a project manager. Currently, he is the president of the company, and this is a sign that he is a visionary leader. Furthermore, he has worked at OSI Group for over three decades. During this period, McDonald was able to work his way up to becoming the president of OSI Group. Since McDonald has always been passionate about leading OSI Group to greatness, he has been able to utilize his position as an executive within the company to make sure that the company prospers accordingly.

About David McDonald

McDonald was born and bred in northeast Iowa. He undertook his undergraduate degree at the Iowa State University. While at the university, he specialized in animal science. After graduating with honors, he submitted his curriculum vitae at OSI Group, and he was in turn hired as the productions manager. McDonald started out in the lower ranks, but he was confident enough that he would one day serve in, the higher positions within the company. His hard work at OSI Group has paid off, and he is currently the company’s president.


After many years of hard work, David McDonald is currently a successful individual since he is serving as a president to one of the largest privately held companies in America. Many residents in the state of Iowa have been able to benefit from the various philanthropic endeavors that McDonald has been engaging in. Apart from that, McDonald has also been assisting students from the Iowa State University by granting them internship opportunities at OSI Group.


David McDonald’s effort in OSI Group has been very beneficial in growing the firm since he is also behind the expansion of OSI in China. Apart from that, he has also been involved in the acquisition of other companies such as Baho Food. McDonald brought forth the idea about acquisitions as a way of making sure that the international presence of OSI group grew stronger in the process. Far from that, the experience that McDonald has gathered over the years has also come in handy. Additionally, his in-depth understanding of how OSI Group operates has also contributed to his sound leadership in the company.