End Citizen United Recent Texas Polls

End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed on 1st March 2015 after the Supreme Court decision that has led to big money’s contribution to political candidates’ campaigns. The PAC’s primary focus is to drive big money out of politics to have free and fair elections in the United States. The PAC advocates for elections reforms through funding campaigns for candidates who share their concern to elect as many candidates as possible into Congress to gather enough votes to reform the bill. Grassroots donors fund the PAC, and it is headquartered in Washington DC.

End Citizen United’s latest polls show that Beto O’Rourke is closing in fast on Ted Cruz who is the Republican candidate in Texas. Getting a win in Texas may not be the primary focus of the PAC however; it would be good for the Democrats to get a win. ECU recent polls stated that Cruz is leading by a narrow margin of 45 to 37 percent. In January 2018 the surveys conducted by Google in the area put Cruz at a 14 percent lead while those undertaken during the same time by ECU put him at an 18 percent lead. Within a month the odds of O’Rourke winning have drastically increased.

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The End Citizen United stated that Ted Cruz is in danger of losing as he is getting in his way. The PAC noted that O’Rourke is hardly popular with the voters as 61 percent of voters do not know him well enough to offer him as a probable candidate. This has been viewed as a positive thing as it has led to increasing poll numbers. The main reason why O’Rourke is doing well is that most Texas voters see Cruz as an unfavorable candidate for them. Recent polls have shown that 49 percent of respondents have a disapproving view of the candidate while 38 percent of respondents were in favor of him.

O’Rourke’s current polling gains are vital for him to win in the elections; however, it is very critical that he can bring his campaign and political views to the masses according to politifact.com. O’Rourke was able to outrank Cruz by two votes when voters were given more information about him including his plan to steer clear of donations from PACs. In the last quarter of 2017, O’Rourke raised 2.4million dollars from his supporters without any PACs involvement, while his competitor only raised 1.9 million dollars during the same time while accepting money from both PACs and private donors. However, in total, Ted Cruz has raised over 7.3 million dollars while O’Rourke has only 4.6 million dollars.

The PAC is working towards fighting such inequality through grassroots advocacy. The president Tiffany Miller has shown an example by only allowing each donor to give 14 dollars. Through this method, the organization collected over 25 million dollars during the last election. This is to help set an example as well as motivation for Democrats and other independent candidates.