Graeme Holm: Alternative to debt consolidation

Graeme Holm is the founder of the Infinity Group Australia, a debt reduction and money management in Australia. The company was established in 2013. In the five years that this company has been in the industry, there are significant changes which have happened in the financial industry in the country. The impact is being felt although there is still a long way to go before the whole industry feels the benefits of this company. Graeme Holm created this company alongside Rebecca Walker, another passionate person on matters of finances. The company is not only helping the people to reduce debts but also helping them secure their future through investment strategies. The main goal of this company is to see Australians save more money.




Graeme Holm worked in the financial sector before starting Infinity Group Australia. The reason for starting this company was to help Australians with this matter which he had observed while he was in the banking sector. Among the things he observed while working in the banks is the nature of life, many people were living. The lives of the people were nothing much than paycheck to paycheck. Holm worked in the banking sector for 17 years, and in this period, he observed that financial services in the country were the worst. Financial institutions only cared about their future, and they were not ready to help customers with money management lessons.




Any time a bank offers customers loans, there is nothing that is done by the banks to ensure that the money is well spent or explain to them how the best repayment plan should be like. Banks want to benefit from the challenges of the clients, and that is why they never allow money management lessons to be part of the deal between the bank and the customer. The system is designed to reap off from the customer no matter what. You will find some people being held in debts which will take them 30 years to complete the repayment. Customers who are subjected to such plans will never know peace in their financial life since the banks will always be on their toes so that they can complete the payment.




When people find themselves in an unending debt cycle, they try debt consolidation which involves consolidating all debts and trying to repay them as one. For those who do not understand the financial sector well, they might be tempted to think that it is a brilliant solution, but it is not. It is said that debt consolidation will keep interest rates low, but this is not the case. Interest rates will continue fluctuating. You will end up paying the same high-interest rates. There is no much advantage that is accrued by opting for debt consolidation. Learn more: