Talkspace – Reasons More Couples are Exploring the Online Therapy Options

If you are facing difficulties in keeping your relationship with your partner afloat, professional therapy can work wonders for you. Many people who were hesitant to try it first had found it to be beneficial and have been able to bring their relationship to a much better state than when they started therapy. If you think traditional therapy is too much time consuming or expensive, you should use Talkspace. It is a mobile therapy app that would definitely come to your aid as it has some of the finest therapists on board. They would help you achieve your relationship goals by providing you therapeutic counseling to sort out differences.

Talkspace doesn’t need you to go anywhere or shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars as in conventional therapy. You can consult with the therapist while you are home, office, or just about anywhere from your phone itself. Both you and your partners would be connected to the same therapist, and he or she would ensure that you can see through the challenges and are able to come to a positive resolve. It would need some effort and discipline from your end as well, but if you follow the guidance provided by the therapist, you would definitely see positive results surface sooner than you expected. With over a million people who have successfully gotten counseling at Talkspace and counting, you can be sure that it is a working alternative to traditional therapy that is here to stay. Do not give up on your relationship and give it that much-needed try with the help of Talkspace Reviews, and you would be surprised to see how effective it is.

Talkspace helps connect couples with therapists that are best to resolve the kind of problems they are facing. The couples can choose from three therapists after talking to them. Couples who are private in their personal lives often do not want to attend marriage counseling, but online therapy at Talkspace is personal and private. Couples can speak their therapists via text messages, and the therapists will guide them through the process to allow them to open up and communicate in a better way. Visit:

Article Title: Richard Liu- JD.Com Founder

Article Text:

JD.Com was establish in last year in the month of May. has now become the Chinese largest marketing company JD.Com offers many products and services. has made it possible to have over 1 billion customers and clients.

It is not b only know in China but In other countries such as United States Of America, Australia, Japan, India and many more and also will known in other parts of the continent making it more popular across the whole wide web. offers online shopping to customers, clients and buyers and deliver a safe and door to door delivery of products with no risk.

With, you can have many categories of products such as foodstuffs, electronics and many other products. Products in JD marketing store are very cheap and affordable hence anyone can have access to their products no matter poor or rich, young or old everyone can afford.

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Article Title: Humble Beginnings With

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Three years after Richard Liu Qiangdong made the switch from a brick and mortar retail business to an online commerce platform, Richard Liu says buyer interest substantially progressed. has naturally generated considerable consumer interest from all over the globe. However, in 2007 he private company had to expand and promptly hired logistics team to undoubtedly keep up the growing consumer demand.’s formidable success was impressive. However, despite his internationally recognized accomplishments of strategic business leadership, Richard Liu is still as humble he formerly was.

Richard Liu has granted every concession to incorporate the well-being of his country into his top business decisions. After introduced the same-day and next-day delivery methods, other chief tradings realized the economic efficiency of fast-delivery services and consumer satisfaction.

Presently, he has been focusing all of his considerable resources on carefully formulating innovative solutions to China’s most extensive social and environmental issues.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, a business owner, and a serial investor

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian born investor, business owner, and highly regarded expert in emerging markets such as India and China. He moved from India into the US in pursuit of higher education where he enrolled for a degree course in international business and marketing in the University of Boston. He is the executive director of C&C Alpha group since the turn of the millennium. This is a company that has a broad portfolio of investments ranging from luxury spa hotels and ski resorts, to care homes based in the UK and India. Besides business, Bhanu Choudhrie is a liberal donor and is affiliated to numerous philanthropic causes across the world. For more information about Bhanu Choudhrie, view his Crunchbase profile


Bhanu Choudhrie’s C&C Alpha Group is currently seeking to expand its investment portfolio to the Middle East. The company is mainly aiming to invest in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Speaking to Arabia Business, Bhanu said that he has been scouting the region and found it fit for his wellness projects in the hospitality industry. He believes that this is the right moment to make a move in these markets. Bhanu will enter the market with Shanti Hospitality which is an affiliate of the C&C Alpha Group and has 0ver 24 hotels across the globe. He is convinced that the tourism industry in UAE and Saudi Arabia is on an upward trajectory which is expected to reflect the hospitality industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie is also in advanced talks with the authorities in Saudi Arabia regarding a water desalination project he wants to set up in the country. Under Alpha utilities, Bhanu operates a water desalination firm which produces over half a million gallons of water in the Hamriyah. The demand for clean water is ever on the rise according to him, and water is a key to development. Additionally, he will delve into the power sector which is also a key to progress. He is a man who has done thorough due diligence in the UAE market. He has found out that the country’s infrastructure development projects are under progress which means power and water are required to sustain these projects. Visit:



Brian Torchin And Social Media

Brian Torchin is a respected medical professional with over 12 years in the healthcare industry. He started his own company Health Care Recruitment Counselors which he is the President for currently. It was founded in 2006 and is currently headquartered in Narberth,PA. The company specializes in helping companies find the best medical professionals to hire. HCRC operates in all 50 states and Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. They cover chiropractic jobs, medical jobs, physician assistant jobs, physical therapy, and nurse practitioner jobs,private practices, urgent care centers, and hospitals. Read the article of Brian Torchin at

Brian Torchin is active on social media. He has active accounts on linkedin, Twitter,and Facebook to name a few. He seems to be the most active about his company on his personal Facebook page. If someone looks at his Facebook post, they almost always include something about HCRC staffing. Torchin’s most recent post from March 7th is an article from his company’s website, with a link to an article about ‘How to Retain Top Performers When They Have Maxed Out Salary.’ In fact, most of his Facebook post are links to his website. If one scrolls down his timeline, it is easy to see that he must also be an advocate for Zip Recruiter, a website dedicated to getting the right candidates for the job. It seems that Torchin’s company puts up job post from his website onto Zip Recruiter to attract more people to the job’s that they advertise for. This is a smart move, because millions of people use this website daily, and posting the jobs on there allows for less time searching for a candidate. The irony of this is that his company is technically designed for this purpose, but just for those in the medical profession.

While you may only see just post about his company on Torchin’s Facebook page, this is just for the public. On his page, there is an option to add him as a friend, to see more of his other post. One can be pretty certain that he may show more personal items to his Facebook friends.



Oren Frank Has Constructed A Successful And Innovative Business Model At Talkspace:

Oren Frank has been making some major strides as of late to continue with the growth of his mental health counselling platform known as Talkspace. As the founder and CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank has been responsible for the impressive growth that the company has experienced and he has affirmed that the company brings in tens of millions of dollars in revenue currently. Talkspace allows patients to access licensed therapists through the use of their smartphone or tablet devices or their computer at home. This is a really revolutionary concept in mental health therapy and has offered countless patients a level of access to therapy that they have never had before. Read more at by Oren Frank

Oren Frank and the Talkspace team have recently set out on some new plans for growth that may well include an initial public offering. The company has also announced that it has hired a new Chief Medical Officer. The individual that has been hired is former UnitedHealth Senior Medical Director Neil Leibowitz. Neil brings his vast amount of experience and knowledge to Talkspace in what is sure to be a huge boost for the company’s overall profile as Oren Frank moves forward with his continued plans for expansion of the platform.

One of the ways that Oren Frank has been keeping people updated about things going on with Talkspace and mental health, in general, is through his Twitter. Following Oren Frank on Twitter is a great way to find great articles about issues regarding mental health and it is a great way to find out about new things that are going on with Talkspace as the platform continues to change the way that mental health counselling services are delivered to the public. This social media outlet is another great way that people can find out about how Talkspace is making a difference.

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Agera Energy Offers Custom Energy Solutions To Help Their Customers Save Money

In the last few years, the need for a smarter and more energy efficient natural gas and electric supplier has increased drastically. Agera Energy fills this gap efficiently and offers a wide range of services to choose from. It has become one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energy and offers flexible contract terms to ensure that the customers get flexibility they are looking for.

Agera Energy doesn’t only supply natural gas and electricity to residential and commercial units, but also offers LED lighting solution that would help you save on energy bills considerably. The LED lighting professionals at Agera Energy would guide you as to how you can save electricity and reduce your energy bills by using LED lighting.

Agera Energy has made a good reputation in the industry for delivering the best energy solutions to their customers. The company ensures that their customers are provided with energy strategies that are perfect for their needs.

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Company Offering Financial Services in Dallas, Texas

A company offering financial services in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank Capital, undertook a successful private placement amounting to 54 million dollars of its subordinate notes which are fixed to certain floating rates during the year 2017. The notes were placed within various institutions as well as in investors who have a considerable top net worth. Through the proceeds acquired from this placement, the company aims at using them for corporate purposes.

With their maturity within the year 2027, the subordinate notes cannot be called back within a period of five years by the bank and within those five years, each of these notes carries a fixed rate amount of interest. After these five years, the floating rate is calculated based on various factors such as how much spread has grown above the basis points of the previous LIBOR. Furthermore, the subordinate notes do qualify under the capital regulations set. Nexbank Capital deals in offering of various financial services to its clientele which may include other financial institutions or corporations. The financial services offered by the company include mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services.

Within the commercial lending branch, they also offer a wide variety of services such as commercial real estate lending whereby the company takes part in real estate projects by teaming up with real estate owners and developers so as to finance development and construction. Within this branch, Nexbank also offers commercial lending to its clients through SBA loans and commercial loans so as to assist them to grow financially. Furthermore, the company also offers credit services to community banks within this branch. Other services within this branch include treasury management and agency services.

The next branch of the financial services is mortgage banking. Within this branch, the company also offers a couple of services which includes warehouse lending whereby the company helps their clients finish of their loans by offering them warehouse lines which they can fund. Nexbank Capital also offers correspondent and wholesale lending within the mortgage banking branch. This is done through various products such as jumbo, conforming and government.

The third branch is the institutional services branch which also has a number of services from which Nexbank’s clients can choose from. These services include real estate advisory, investment banking, public funds, financial institutions and treasury management. Some of the services offered to financial services are Holding Company Term Loans and Tailored Depository Services all which are aimed at financial growth of these particular institutions.

Learn How To Avoid Expensive Rates Renewable Agera Energy

The birth of the renewable energy revolution brought about hope for American businesses and consumers looking for economical solutions. Shockingly, there’s a growing undersupplied population, which New York based utility service provider, Agera Energy aims to empower. It’s been just over four years since Agera Energy emerged in the market. In that time, it’s remained vigilant in educating and enabling consumers to become smarter energy buyers. With this guidance, they’re taking advantage of cheaper renewable energy rates and choosing sustainable options.

In addition, Agera Energy continues its quest to be a force of change through sponsorship. Its latest endeavor includes sponsoring veteran cyclists and former NY (New York) State Trooper, Bob Cronin. The cyclist (Cronin) made his 10th Tour De Force appearance, where he closed the event a top fundraiser for Agera Energy. The Fundraiser commemorates the tragic September 11, 2001 crisis, and its revenue should support the families of fallen first responders’ lost in the incident.

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Edwin Miranda, The CEO Of KOI IXS

The founder and CEO of KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda believes that with the necessary drive and ambition one can easily succeed in today’s market. The firm is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. Edwin also believes that through maturity one can attain what they want in life; one can earn maturity through experiencing growth in different perspectives. According to Edwin Miranda, he sees a bright future for KOI IXS.

The firm has technicians and professionals that are self-driven who work towards creating fruitful market for the people of Puerto Rico. Edwin came up with the idea for KOI IXS when he was only 21; he put effort into making his dream a reality. Edwin ensures that his employees work with togetherness in ensuring that services are provided to all. As an entrepreneur, Edwin uses technological advancements to provide his clientele with advice on how to make it in today’s market.

Edwin Miranda enjoys spending time with his team of employees and working on ideas together. He is very appreciative to lead a team like his in achieving the company’s vision. Edwin advises young business people all over not to be afraid to venture into new ideas. They should be passionate and ambitious in making a business plan worth it. He works on ideas by creating to-do lists and ensuring that he executes each one of them on a set date.

As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda advises upcoming business personnel not to work on something by themselves. A business person should be surrounded by a creative professional team that will help you work towards your goal. The team will also help your work out a downfall or other business related problems. An entrepreneur should be ready to take business risks and invest in other people. Risks are a massive step in the right direction.

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