Serge Belamant: Founder of the blockchain technology

Serge Belamant is the founding patent holder of blockchain technologies. In some quarters he is described as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of the Republic of South Africa. Serge is an applications and software developer who has made significant innovations in the financial sector. The first blockchain technology to be implemented in the world was courtesy of his innovative mind. It is the innovations that he started making in the 1990s that have brought cryptocurrencies. In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become a mode of transaction making it possible for people who lack access to banking institutions to access a way of making global transactions.

Serge Belamant was the first tech expert to create a microcontroller that could create an independent transactions ledger that was distributed. The invention of this technology in the financial sector has led to easier and faster processing of financial transactions. Today, banks, private individuals, and governments are able to make financial transactions in a secure environment. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

Blockchain is defined as an electronic ledger that records through cryptography. Every transaction is recorded with transaction data and cryptographic timestamp. The first blockchain technology was developed to bring efficiency, transparency, security, and accuracy of financial data. It was meant to help banks and customers to conduct financial transactions in a secure environment. Serge Belamant was the first innovator to create blockchain applications through smart cards.

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953. At the age of 14, his family moved to South Africa after his father got a tiling job there. When he was living France, he did not know how to talk in English and this became one of the hurdles that he had to overcome immediately they settled in South Africa. Serge was a bright student as he demonstrated soon after joining high school. He was put in positions of leadership for various departments in his school.

Serge Belamant has managed to build a successful career over the years, and today he is one of the celebrated innovators who has managed to change the financial industry through technological innovations.



Michael Nierenberg, The Industrious Investment Management Expert

Michael Nierenberg, the current Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corporation, is one of the most prominent figures in the Investment Management Industry. The CEO incorporates the expertise in sales, and trading as well as investment management to ensure that New Residential Investment Corp. remains in business. Nierenberg once worked as the Managing Director for one of America’s reputable banks, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Besides, he headed the Scrutinized products and Global Mortgages departments in the same bank.

Michael Nierenberg leaves an excellent record in every position he works earning him frequent appointments in high profile jobs. Having worked with companies like Fortress Investment Group, JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers, Nierenberg is indeed the truth of investment management. In the said companies, Michael either served as the head of a particular division or a Director. His unmatched leadership skills earned his appointment to Chair the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation from 1996 to date.

In the investment management industry, Michael Nierenberg earns recognition for his outstanding collaboration with team members and junior staff and competent management expertise. Additionally, his ability to predict and analyze the future market behavior makes him stand out as one of the market’s game changers. Having Michael as the leader, New Residential Investment Corporation is sure of continuous trading in the real estate investment business sector. The company survived the United States of America’s volatility and financial breakdown earning the trust from its clients as their best investment manager. Many companies succumbed under the pressure of the United States’ financial crises that affected the housing market.

However, New Residential Investment Corporation took advantage of the situation and turned it into a smart investment in the housing market. Under the leadership of Michael Nierenberg, the company has approximately 900,000 equities valued at around $13 million. Besides the company offers MSRs, mortgage-servicing rights services to its clients. The clients also get RMBS, residential mortgage-backed securities from the company among other investment services. The company’s value in the stock market stands at $6.7 billion with each share valued at $16.38 as on March 8, 2019. Its subsidiaries include Shell Point Mortgage Servicing and NewRez.

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Article Title: Richard Liu- JD.Com Founder

Article Text:

JD.Com was establish in last year in the month of May. has now become the Chinese largest marketing company JD.Com offers many products and services. has made it possible to have over 1 billion customers and clients.

It is not b only know in China but In other countries such as United States Of America, Australia, Japan, India and many more and also will known in other parts of the continent making it more popular across the whole wide web. offers online shopping to customers, clients and buyers and deliver a safe and door to door delivery of products with no risk.

With, you can have many categories of products such as foodstuffs, electronics and many other products. Products in JD marketing store are very cheap and affordable hence anyone can have access to their products no matter poor or rich, young or old everyone can afford.

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Article Title: Humble Beginnings With

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Three years after Richard Liu Qiangdong made the switch from a brick and mortar retail business to an online commerce platform, Richard Liu says buyer interest substantially progressed. has naturally generated considerable consumer interest from all over the globe. However, in 2007 he private company had to expand and promptly hired logistics team to undoubtedly keep up the growing consumer demand.’s formidable success was impressive. However, despite his internationally recognized accomplishments of strategic business leadership, Richard Liu is still as humble he formerly was.

Richard Liu has granted every concession to incorporate the well-being of his country into his top business decisions. After introduced the same-day and next-day delivery methods, other chief tradings realized the economic efficiency of fast-delivery services and consumer satisfaction.

Presently, he has been focusing all of his considerable resources on carefully formulating innovative solutions to China’s most extensive social and environmental issues.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, a business owner, and a serial investor

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian born investor, business owner, and highly regarded expert in emerging markets such as India and China. He moved from India into the US in pursuit of higher education where he enrolled for a degree course in international business and marketing in the University of Boston. He is the executive director of C&C Alpha group since the turn of the millennium. This is a company that has a broad portfolio of investments ranging from luxury spa hotels and ski resorts, to care homes based in the UK and India. Besides business, Bhanu Choudhrie is a liberal donor and is affiliated to numerous philanthropic causes across the world. For more information about Bhanu Choudhrie, view his Crunchbase profile


Bhanu Choudhrie’s C&C Alpha Group is currently seeking to expand its investment portfolio to the Middle East. The company is mainly aiming to invest in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Speaking to Arabia Business, Bhanu said that he has been scouting the region and found it fit for his wellness projects in the hospitality industry. He believes that this is the right moment to make a move in these markets. Bhanu will enter the market with Shanti Hospitality which is an affiliate of the C&C Alpha Group and has 0ver 24 hotels across the globe. He is convinced that the tourism industry in UAE and Saudi Arabia is on an upward trajectory which is expected to reflect the hospitality industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie is also in advanced talks with the authorities in Saudi Arabia regarding a water desalination project he wants to set up in the country. Under Alpha utilities, Bhanu operates a water desalination firm which produces over half a million gallons of water in the Hamriyah. The demand for clean water is ever on the rise according to him, and water is a key to development. Additionally, he will delve into the power sector which is also a key to progress. He is a man who has done thorough due diligence in the UAE market. He has found out that the country’s infrastructure development projects are under progress which means power and water are required to sustain these projects. Visit:



Serge Belamant: the Patent Holder of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant is the man behind the birth of Blockchain Technology. He was born in French but at the age of 14, he moved to South Africa together with his father who was in pursuit of his tiling occupation. Serge Belamant studied into Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. He pursued a degree in computer sciences and technology and his passion for technological trends steered him to pursue this course. Primarily, his education background laid a strong foundation for his career.

Serge worked with a wide array of companies in a wide stretch of industries. His coding of digital financial transaction software abilities have made him popular in the industry. Pressing on, he has been Influential in the formation of numerous technological accomplishments that have an enormous impact on the entire global banking industry. More information at Wallmine

Net1 UEPS Technologies is one of the companies founded by Serge Belamant in 1989. This company centers in the formation of universal electronic payment systems. Serge Belamant himself invented Net1 UEPS Technologies systems and VISA sought him in 1995 to create a chip that was to be used in their authorized card. Serge latest undertaking is in a UK-based firm, Zilch Technologies. He is also a member of Board of Advisors in Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings.

Serge business inspiration started with his son Philip who is an IT engineer. They were one time discussing how social media has become so influential in the modern world and how it can be exploited to provide financial products to the young generation. These financial products have the ability to conform to how they spend and save hence provide personalized data that can offer guidance on how to better their financial situation. This notion was the beginning of the concept for Zilch.

Serge Belamant also believes that it is necessary to continue learning. He maintains that it is necessary to accept things that you don’t know and seek to know what they exactly are. Serge Belamant makes money by designing products that are beneficial to people. He identifies where there are needs to be met and not necessarily where money can be made because he believes that when a need is met, then financial success will eventually be realized.

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Edwin Miranda, The CEO Of KOI IXS

The founder and CEO of KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda believes that with the necessary drive and ambition one can easily succeed in today’s market. The firm is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. Edwin also believes that through maturity one can attain what they want in life; one can earn maturity through experiencing growth in different perspectives. According to Edwin Miranda, he sees a bright future for KOI IXS.

The firm has technicians and professionals that are self-driven who work towards creating fruitful market for the people of Puerto Rico. Edwin came up with the idea for KOI IXS when he was only 21; he put effort into making his dream a reality. Edwin ensures that his employees work with togetherness in ensuring that services are provided to all. As an entrepreneur, Edwin uses technological advancements to provide his clientele with advice on how to make it in today’s market.

Edwin Miranda enjoys spending time with his team of employees and working on ideas together. He is very appreciative to lead a team like his in achieving the company’s vision. Edwin advises young business people all over not to be afraid to venture into new ideas. They should be passionate and ambitious in making a business plan worth it. He works on ideas by creating to-do lists and ensuring that he executes each one of them on a set date.

As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda advises upcoming business personnel not to work on something by themselves. A business person should be surrounded by a creative professional team that will help you work towards your goal. The team will also help your work out a downfall or other business related problems. An entrepreneur should be ready to take business risks and invest in other people. Risks are a massive step in the right direction.

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The Health Benefits of Consuming Organo Gold Products

People frequently consumer beverages such as coffee and tea in large amounts. Each individual has a brand of their preference due to various reasons. For people who are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, Organo Gold is the most suitable brand. Since coffee is addictive because of the high caffeine levels, people are trying to make use of decaffeinated coffee. However, the main issue is the flavor of the coffee. Decaffeinated coffee loses its original taste. If you are looking for quality coffee that has moderate caffeine levels, you should opt for Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. Since he knew the importance of the Ganoderma mushroom, he ensured that it became one of the ingredients used in the manufacture of the company’s products. As an entrepreneur who is conversant with multilevel marketing, Bernardo Chua was able to ensure that Organo Gold has become a multinational corporation. The company is present in over 45 countries. The presence of the Ganoderma Lucidum in the Organo Gold Coffee harbors benefits such as boosting the immune health of a person as well as enhancing weight loss.

Organo Gold produces a variety of products such as personal care products, tea, and drinking chocolate. The Organo Gold coffee is usually manufactured using pure Arabica coffee that has been grown in South America. The Ganoderma Lucidum is produced in Canada. Organo Gold has the necessary certifications from the EU, the USDA, China, and Japan to grow the Ganoderma mushroom in the British Columbia, Canada. The original extracts that are used by Organo Gold contain numerous health benefits. Besides being a leader in producing quality coffee, Organo Gold prides itself in using quality products during the manufacturing process. The presence of components such as antioxidants helps to improve the immune system of anyone who consumes the Organo Gold products.

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SoftBank facing questions after Acquiring Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion

Acquisitions are normal in the world of business. For example, for the growth of business and expanding it in a logical sense, the investment firms acquire other investment firms. Acquisitions play a vital role in business for the involved parties; however, it may sometimes make little or no sense to the outside world.

The case is indeed referring to the SoftBank’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. In July 2017 the 3.3 billion dollar deal which was approved by Fortress shareholders, became official in December 2017. The interest in a business deal with fortress by Softbank, a multinational company focusing on internet startups and tech, raised questions in many people’s minds.

If we put together the histories of both companies Softbank and Fortress, then the business deal between them will make more sense. Each firm is constantly seeking in engaging themselves into new areas of interest to branch out. Both companies are also interested and planning to rebrand themselves through the years as well.

SoftBank has a history of PC software wholesaler when founded by Masayoshi Son in 1981. In the present, the company owns stakes in over 400 companies and more by providing a variety of services. Their services include fixed-line telecommunications, internet, e-commerce, broadband, tech services and many more. Softbank has confidently clarified its intention of eventually becoming one of the biggest leading investment corporations in the world, after acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group, for its part hasn’t been a shape-shifter as much as Softbank, but the company has always shown interest in adapting and changing to remain a persistent competitor. The Fortress was founded by the co-chairman Wes Edens and CEO Randy Nardone in New York City in 1998. Fortress Investment Group built businesses around private equity investments, hedge funds and real estate through the years.

On behalf of more than 1,750 institutional clients and private investors in the world, more than $40 billion in assets are managed by Fortress Group. It’s expected that the company will carry on working in the same manner despite the acquisition.

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Agera Energy Takes Confusion Out Of Buying Energy For Home And Business

People today have numerous choices about how they’re going to pay for power — the energy that lights, heats and powers their homes, that is. The problem is that so many choices create an embarrassment of riches. Agera Energy makes it easy for homeowners to choose a provider and get the best deal for their money.

Agera translates to “take action.” Agera Energy gives energy consumers the personal power to take action and make the best choice for themselves. All too often, the company people buy energy from are substandard, too expensive or don’t meet the needs of the buyer.

Agera Energy makes turns complex energy decisions into easy financial decisions both for private consumers and business models. Customers are empowered to obtain the exact amount of energy they need at an optimum price. Agera Energy makes it possible to make the right decision about purchasing power with an easy, common sense process.

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