Breaking Down The Interesting Stars of Hollywood


It’s a fact that in this day and age, we truly wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves without Hollywood and the actors and actresses that make us laugh, cry and scoff on the screen as well as in news and tabloids. But do we really take enough time to get to know these lovely and interesting people. Where do they come from? What made them the people they are today?

The following is an article about just that. Well, at least two bright and beautiful young women who have no doubt stolen your heart.

First up we have the talented and overly hot Scarlett Johansson. Her on-screen career began in 1994 with the fantasy comedy, North. Her career spanned from the nineties on through to today, with her first adult role in 2003 in Girl With a Pearl Earring. She has won awards for many of her roles on screen and also on stage. Of course, no true Marvel fan could forget her starring as the Black Widow in the Marvel’s “Avengers” and “Captain America” franchises.

Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing knock-out from Columbia, Sofia Vergara hot actress. She got her start on Spanish Speaking television shows, but quickly rose to stardom. She has had several rolls since the early 2000s ans has won several awards for her achievements. She stars as Gloria Pritchett on the hit ABC sit-com “Modern Family”. Sophia has also stared in a few children’s cartoons like “Happy Feet two” and “The Smurfs”.

These ladies aren’t the only stars in Hollywood worth researching, cough. . .Rita Ora pictures, cough. . . but they are definitely note-worthy.

Why a Business Needs an Online Reputation Management Specialist.

On May 16, 2017, FieldEdge announced that it was partnering with ReviewBuzz. The partnership has an aim of providing customers of FieldEdge an easy and fast way of improving their online reputation. FieldEdge is a world-class company that provides field service management software to reputable home service contractors. Here is a look at online reputation management and why even such a high profile company had to seek the services of an online reputation management company.

Reputation is everything to business, reveals It builds over time by earning customers’ trust. One negative word from a single customer may prove disastrous to a company. Being present on social media allows an entrepreneur to see what others say about the business. It makes it possible also to monitor comments and ensure they are positive as only positive feedback will move the business forward.

Focusing on online reputation has always resulted in improved sales. A high positive online reputation provides a business with a significant competing advantage. An outstanding online reputation is an indication that a company’s services or products are of remarkable quality. When announcing their new partnership, FieldEdge said they found out that to a significant percentage of customers online reviews bear the same precedence as personal recommendations.

A business will not always receive positive publicity. However, managing its online reputation allows it to retain the trust of its customers so that it can continue growing. Many companies spend a fortune on online advertisement and marketing. They can save a lot of money and energy by focusing on their online reputation. It is evident that customers trust online reviews more than adverts.

Any business interested in leading in the local market and expanding into the global market should hire an online reputation management specialist. These professionals conduct thorough competitor analysis and keep the company updated on the competitors’ actions. They also focus on ensuring that the company always has a positive online image. However, it is necessary to choose carefully because the business can benefit immensely when the selected specialist meets all its marketing needs.

Getting the Ideal Lawyer to Handle your Legal Issues

Getting involved in an endless legal battle can be frustrating and emotionally draining. However, it is even more frustrating when you hire a person to handle the issue, and they end up not being the most competent person to deal with the problem. It is therefore important to make sure that each time you have a legal issue you have to resolve, you perform your due diligence and get the most qualified lawyer on the case. The association of New York lawyers has come up with a website where all the qualified lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein in the state are listed and the work of getting the most competent lawyer becomes really easy for the clients.


With this new arrangement, all the client has to do is log on to the site. Then, fill in a questionnaire which has been posted there. The details that will be filled in the questionnaire include the particulars of the case which you are dealing with, the level of expertise that you need and where you are located. This information will be used by the site administrators to pair you with a perfect lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein for the job.


The other great benefit that comes from making use of the site is that the lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein, who are listed on the site have been properly vetted. This means that the people in charge of administrating the site have looked at the credentials of the lawyer and are in a position to protect you from being preyed on by unqualified and unscrupulous lawyers in the field.


Lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein deal with issues such as family law, personal injury law, and business law. Their many years of expertise assure you of a fair running of the case and also the fact that the process will take the shortest time possible so that you can resume your normal activities.


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Have A Glass Of Wine, And Make Some Money While You’re At It!

Do you like to have a glass of chilled sweet wine once in a while? Do you have a glass of wine with snacks or with dinner? If so, then you might be interested in taking a look at The Traveling Vineyard.

With The Traveling Vineyard, you can host a wine-tasting party in your home. You can invite your friends and acquaintances to taste wines and the snacks that go with them. The Traveling Vineyard will supply everything you need in a wine-tasting kit. Even the party invitations are included. Add to that the wines, the snacks, party favors, and of course, some order forms for your friends to order wines from you. Wines basically sell themselves. Studies indicate that over 80% of wine sales are impulse sales. That means that the decision to buy is made right on the spot, simply from seeing the wine.

The idea of being a wine guide here is to ask one of your friends to host a party for you, and invite all her friends as well. She will get a free gift and some wines as a reward for this. You customer base will grow that way, and in the meantime, you will have old customers re-ordering and trying new wines.

The Traveling Vineyard does not sell cheap wines. Their taste-testers go to many different chateaux to find just the right wines that will carry their name.

If you want an exciting possibility to have a home business and have fun while you are doing it, try The Traveling Vineyard. As far as home businesses go, it is in a class by itself.


Things You Must Address When Looking for a Lawyer

When looking for a lawyer to handle your criminal case, help you on your divorce issue or handle other legal issues can be quite stressing more so when you don’t know where to start. New Yorkers however are a very lucky lot thanks to the new and convenient online portal service founded by The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). Through this online portal service, you are able to find a lawyer with the experience and qualifications needed for the job 24 hours in a day.


However, before signing up on that portal you’ll need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge on how to find a good lawyer and this include;


Understanding your legal needs. A good lawyer is determined on the needs of their clients. When filling the online form provided on the portal describe your legal issue vividly. This will help the portal give you the best solutions of lawyers who can handle your case.


Look at referrals. Highly referred lawyers are your best bet to having your problem best solved. Inasmuch some instances you’ll be rewarded by paying a visit to a referred lawyer, look beyond the incentive and g for value addition.


Go for consultation. The only way to tell whether you are getting value is through consultation. It is through here that you will access the skills and proficiency of your potential lawyer, therefore do not overlook this point.


Inasmuch as finding the best lawyer is key, it’s equally important to consider there law firm. One lawyer who is a one fit all package is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Through his firm Jeremy Goldstein he helps advise CEOs, compensation committees, management teams and corporations in corporate governance and executive compensation matters, more so in issues dealing with the context of transformative corporate events and sensitive situations.


Jeremy Goldstein boasts of a strong understanding of law with a good wealth of experience having studied at Degree in Juris Doctor at the New York University School of Law from 1996 – 1999 and worked for 14 years at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. When considering a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein best fits your job description any day.


A Look At How Richard Blair Has Ably Advised Clients Saving For Retirement

Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor who runs his own firm, Wealth Solutions, in Autin, Texas. He helps his clients achieve their financial goals by guiding them with individualized investment plans and wealth preservation strategies. He is a graduate of the University of Houston where he earned his Bachelor’s in Finance and Financial Management Services. He holds a number of financial certifications including CES, RICP, CAS, and CFS.

When advising his clients on their retirement and general investment goals, he uses what he calls a three pillar approach. This first pillar creates a financial roadmap for the client by finding out about their risk tolerance, financial situation, and strengths. Its important to know what a client’s current situation is and what they are trying to achieve in order to truly help them reach their financial goals. For the second pillar, he develops a long-term strategy that has been individualized to the client’s situation based on the results of the first pillar. He also periodically rebalances their portfolio in order to attain maximum performance of it while limiting the downside during market downturns. The third pillar is fulfilling the client’s other financial needs such as life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurance policies.

Richard Blair has said that he was heavily influenced growing up by both his mother and grandmother who were public school teachers. From them, he developed the desire to educate and help people reach their goals. He enjoys sharing his financial knowledge with his clients and helping them attain a comfortable retirement as well as other financial goals they may have. It was in 1994 that he founded Wealth Solutions and he helps families, individuals, and business owners all around the Austin area.

One of the largest commitments that Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has given to his clients is to always provide them with objective and unbiased advice that is free of any conflict of interest. It is his career dedication to truly helping his clients that has made him so successful as a financial advisor. He is an expert at rebalancing his client’s portfolios and making them more conservative as the person gets closer to their retirement or other financial goals. In this way he protects them from any sudden market downturn that could delay what they are trying to achieve.




Paul Mampilly, Founder of Profits Unlimited Newsletter

Profits Unlimited is a fast growing newsletter with six thousand subscribers in the investment industry. In 2016, Banyan Hill Publishing signed Paul Mampilly and he started Profits Unlimited to guide Americans into opportunities of profitable investments. Banyan Hill is a publishing house that is independent and specializes in investment newsletters and publishing research.

Profits Unlimited Stock Options

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter consists of eight pages where he recommends new stock to his subscribers on a monthly basis. Paul updates his model portfolio with stocks on a weekly basis and tracks the progress of his investments from the website. The subscribers of Paul use their brokerage accounts to purchase stock. According to his subscribers, this method is the most profitable stock market investment in the industry.

Paul Mampilly Career Background

Paul Mampilly is an investor in America who was previously a hedge fund manager. Paul is the Founder and Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited which is a popular newsletter about investments. In 2016, Mr. Mampilly commenced on Profits Unlimited to search for stocks that shoot higher. Paul has worked on Wall Street and has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Paul has used his experience and skills gained at Wall Street to guide his subscribers into stock options. In 2009,Paul won the investment competition conducted by Templeton Foundation.

Click here to read more about Paul Mampilly.

Mr. Mampilly’s career began at Deutsche Bank as a Research Assistant in 1991. Afterwards, he held the Editor title for Capuchin Group and Managing Director title at Kinetics Asset Management. At Stansberry Research LLC, Mr. Mampilly held the Editor of Professional Speculator title. Mr. Mampilly interest lies in the stock market where he is a master at finding small companies that have innovative products and business models. Mr. Mampilly is a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) and holds an MBA from New York city’s Fordham University.

Paul Mampilly has over twenty years of experience in the investment industry. He has worked as a portfolio manager for international banks and an analyst for the healthcare sector. Paul’s clients constitute an impressive list of Swiss private banks, Royal Bank of Scotland, the Templeton Foundation and Sears.





Setting the Facts Straight – The DeVos Open Up about their Philanthropic Initiatives

Generous Donors

The spotlight on the DeVos’ charitable characteristic has always focused on their political donations. However, the recent report reveals that their political donations do not compare to their other philanthropic initiatives. The couple has given about $5.3 million in campaign donations over the past five years. Compared to the $139 million donated to charities throughout their lifetimes, their political donations do not even scratch the extent of their philanthropic work.

The DeVos are very vocal about the deteriorating state of education in the U.S. Consequently, most of their donations have been directed to the education sector. For instance, about 26% (about $3 million) of the $11.6 million they donated in 2015 went to education organizations and charities. Additionally, 3% (about $357,000) of this money was donated to organizations that advocate for education reforms. However, the DeVos also contributed towards other causes including health, art, nutrition, and religion, among others.

The extent of the DeVos philanthropic initiatives is even more astounding when the whole DeVos family comes into the picture. Dick DeVos’ father, Rich DeVos, is also known to be a generous donor to political as well as charitable causes; together with his four children, Rich DeVos donated about $104 million to several charities in 2015. To date, the family has donated about $1.33 billion to charities all over the world, about a quarter of its $5.2 billion fortune. Read more about their foundation at

The DeVos have always stirred controversy for their philanthropy initiatives, and 2017 brought this controversy to its peak after Betsy DeVos was nominated and subsequently appointed as the Secretary of Education. Critics lambasted them for their generous donations to the Republican Party. In response, the couple revealed the real extent of their non-political philanthropic initiatives, which total to about $139 million over their lifetimes.

Why Now?

Critics of the DeVos are asking why the couple chose to release the report on their philanthropic initiatives when they did. To them, this move was more of a distraction from the couple’s questionable political donations.

Critics also questioned the goal of the couple’s non-political donations. In particular, they accused the DeVos of trying to profit from the education system that they vehemently advocate. According to the DeVos, charter schools provide quality education and eliminate the shortcomings of the one-size-fits-all education program in public schools. Their critics, on the other hand, argue that charter schools are conduits for siphoning tax dollars from public schools

A Brief Insight into Dick DeVos’ Life

Dick DeVos is described as a loving husband and father of four children. He is also distinguished as the eldest son of billionaire Richard DeVos, and one of the most vocal in the family. Dick DeVos is very active in politics, and particularly right-wing politics; he is yet to hold political office, but he vied for the State of Michigan’s governorship in 2006. In addition to politics, Dick DeVos also helps run the family’s business empire as the president of Amway Corporation in addition to other capacities. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Using Technology To Facilitate Security

Technology has affected all areas of the society including security. Technology has ensured that there is safety in different levels. Securus Technologies is a firm that uses technology to make sure that people are secured. It offers monitoring solutions, investigate solutions, correction solutions, public safety solutions, and communication channels for individuals in prison. It is hard to get the assurance that people will make it and come out of prison safely most of the times. Securus Technologies offer a method which people can communicate through accounts while in jail to ensure that their family members and friends are safe. Securus Technologies provides monitoring that enables people to be secured against criminal acts in prisons. The company provides these service to more than 2,000 prisons. This allows them to gain credibility in the industry. The methods allow prisoners to be monitored so that there is smooth running of activities in prison.


Securus Technologies offer excellent corrections services in prisons. Prisoners can communicate freely while in prison. The communication is recorded. They provide information management that enables safe storage of information where it cannot tear or get misplaced. This ensures that justice is served as the prisoner’s information is safe. Securus Technologies also offer investigative solutions. The technologies are used to develop evidence quickly without tampering with anything to avoid distorting the evidence. The investigation is carried out faster and efficiently. This enables courts to have information that is accurate and can be tested. The whole process of acquiring justice from the courts is objective, and the justice that is served is equitable to the crime committed. It is paramount to note that Securus Technologies is a channel that facilitates justice by influencing the process that justice is served. It is a major firm in the society.


Politics Once Again Rises To the Top of the Priorities of George Soros

Throughout the 21st century the influential financial expert George Soros has been a name consistently linked to providing the highest possible level of funding for left leaning politicians and causes across the U.S. and the world as a whole. Politico reports the 2016 U.S. Presidential election campaign saw Soros back former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with an impressive $25 million in campaign donations divided between her own campaign fund and the Super PAC’s and groups backing her bid to keep The White House under Democratic control, according to Politico. For George Soros the return to political donating in the U.S. comes as his Open Society Foundations seeks to develop even stronger links to a number of important charitable groups across more than 100 nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros is one of the best known philanthropists and political donors in the world who has provided more than $12 billion in funding for a network of charitable groups and political backers who Soros has sourced to push forward a left leaning agenda that reflects his own vision for society. For George Soros the need to play an important role in the future of the U.S. is not limited to backing the political candidates he feels share some of the ideals he has built up over the years, but also seeks to develop close relationships with those who are looking to gain the backing of the well-known Democrat; George Soros is a major source of funding for many and has benefited from an open door policy from Hillary Clinton who was praised by the Hungarian born hedge fund manager who Forbes estimate is worth more than $25 billion. The backing of Clinton came after George Soros admitted he made a mistake in giving his backing to President Barrack Obama during the 2008 election campaign; in response Soros and Clinton renewed their political friendship over recent years as Clinton prepared for the 2016 election and allowed Soros a glimpse into her policy decisions and options as 2015 and 2016 progressed. Read more about George at The New York Times.

One of the main reasons for backing the campaign of Hillary Clinton has been reported as being a result of the disappointment Soros felt when President Obama abandoned many of the more radical principles he had expressed during the 2008 election campaign. Soros had sat out much of the 2008 and 2012 elections as he had become disillusioned with the role of Obama and admitted to his mistake in not backing Clinton. Politico reports Soros had looked to put right the Presidential election backing of Hilary Clinton and poured a large amount of money into the campaign of the former First Lady and the voter rights groups backing the rights of minority groups across the U.S.