Bhanu Choudhrie Has Cultivated Success Throughout His Career By Always Making Sure To Diversify:

Bhanu Choudhrie is a highly regarded Indian businessman and entrepreneur who has invested in a diverse range of areas ranging from hotels and hospitality to the restaurant business and the real estate, utility and healthcare sectors. His investment career has even seen him invest in the Bollywood film industry and he is also as notable for his dedication to the arts and to philanthropic giving. Beginning in the 2001 calendar years, Bhanu ascended to the role of Executive Director at famed private equity investment firm C&C Alpha Group Ltd. Check out this link

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in 1978 in India. He began his life in Delhi but when he reached adulthood, he had the opportunity to travel to Boston in the United States and pursue his academic studies at the famed Boston University. During his time at Boston University, Bhanu Choudhrie undertook the study of International Business and Marketing. Upon completion of his studies, he found that there was a great opportunity awaiting him by once again moving to another part of the world. He then proceeded to move to London, the United Kingdom where he established his legacy in the business world and the investment industry.

Over his career, Bhanu Choudhrie has become a very recognizable figure in his industry due to his continual track record of success. In 2008 his success in the entrepreneurial world was recognized by the prestigious Asian Business Awards. Bhanu was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the organization. This remains to this day one of the accomplishments that he is the proudest of along with the many great things that he has done in the area of philanthropy.

Philanthropy is an area that Bhanu is very passionate about and this is a passion that was instilled in him at an early age. As a child, Bhanu used to provide aid to children who suffered from handicaps such as blindness. To this day, his mother continues to run a successful charity that is known as Path To Success. Bhanu Choudhrie is also very notable for his dedicated patronage of Asian art. He has put great effort into supporting artists from the Asian community in his adopted home of London.


Sussex Healthcare Focuses on the Future

Sussex Healthcare is investing in its two most important resources, the customers and the employees. Sussex is conducting a review in all of its locations to make sure it is serving its patients in the best possible way. It is also making sure the message is being spread that it is taking notice of some of the things it can improve. COO Steve Whittingham is overseeing the changes that are being made. Sussex Healthcare is going out into the communities that it serves to make sure people know that it is there if ever they need assisted living. It is also making sure family and friends know they are welcome anytime to see their loved ones. Check out this link

Sussex Healthcare is also making sure that it has the best possible employees across the company. That success begins with strong communication throughout. Clear lines of communication have been implemented so everyone knows that they will receive the support they need. It is also investing in those employees. Daniella Pestridge has only been with the company for a few months but Sussex is supporting her in her nursing degree. Sussex is also trying to get the best new talent to work for it. It is actively advertising in the local communities but also on a national level.

Sussex is also always looking for ways to make life better for its customers. A recent review showed that patients prefer unique activities rather than generic group activities. As each individual is unique so every activity should be tailored to the customer. Each resident is encouraged to suggest new activities and policies. Sussex is taking that feedback and changing things to suit their residents.

These changes are being made after an internal review, but it also requested an independent analysis from an outside company. It is all part of the way forward for Sussex Healthcare.

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Serge Belamant: the Patent Holder of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant is the man behind the birth of Blockchain Technology. He was born in French but at the age of 14, he moved to South Africa together with his father who was in pursuit of his tiling occupation. Serge Belamant studied into Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. He pursued a degree in computer sciences and technology and his passion for technological trends steered him to pursue this course. Primarily, his education background laid a strong foundation for his career.

Serge worked with a wide array of companies in a wide stretch of industries. His coding of digital financial transaction software abilities have made him popular in the industry. Pressing on, he has been Influential in the formation of numerous technological accomplishments that have an enormous impact on the entire global banking industry. More information at Wallmine

Net1 UEPS Technologies is one of the companies founded by Serge Belamant in 1989. This company centers in the formation of universal electronic payment systems. Serge Belamant himself invented Net1 UEPS Technologies systems and VISA sought him in 1995 to create a chip that was to be used in their authorized card. Serge latest undertaking is in a UK-based firm, Zilch Technologies. He is also a member of Board of Advisors in Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings.

Serge business inspiration started with his son Philip who is an IT engineer. They were one time discussing how social media has become so influential in the modern world and how it can be exploited to provide financial products to the young generation. These financial products have the ability to conform to how they spend and save hence provide personalized data that can offer guidance on how to better their financial situation. This notion was the beginning of the concept for Zilch.

Serge Belamant also believes that it is necessary to continue learning. He maintains that it is necessary to accept things that you don’t know and seek to know what they exactly are. Serge Belamant makes money by designing products that are beneficial to people. He identifies where there are needs to be met and not necessarily where money can be made because he believes that when a need is met, then financial success will eventually be realized.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry attained his degrees from Harvard school of law, Toronto and Oxford. Professor Choudhry has served in various institutions including being a dean at Berkeley school of law, Cecelia Goetz, professor of law at New York and he, is also the law professor at the University of California.

Sujit Choudhry has attained recognition internationally since he has spoken to more than 20 countries on heavily researched matters and broad experience on the issues concerning politic, comparative constitutional law as well as building a constitution. Some of the countries addressed by professor Choudhry include Jordan, Libya, South Africa among many others.

Sujit Choudhry researches highlight a variety of issues ranging from politics to constitutional building as a tool to facilitate change from violent and conflictions politics to peaceful democratic politics. Professor Choudhry has been exposed to various political related events in many countries which have equipped him with massive experience which has also enabled him to pin down over eighty books addressing issues related to his field.

Sujit Choudhry with the help of other constitutional law authorities was trying to tackle the critical secession issue in Catalonia. They wrote an open letter to the Catalan and Spanish governments encouraging them to find common ground and have a civilized conversation on important constitutional matters.

They urged Catalonia’s president to demonstrate such a move and hold a referendum on succession and also not to suppress the citizen’s ability to conduct demonstrations about their opinions. They advised the two governments to come into terms of agreements through a constitution which considers the rights of both parties. The Spanish government took adverse actions which resulted in much tension on the issue.

Choudhry and his colleagues advised the Catalan prime minister who had no concern about the Catalan people and even went ahead to suppress those who were demonstrating their opinions that what he did was not acceptable on international law and a repeat on that would lead him to be charged against violation of human rights.

Sujit Choudhry’s other international efforts were seen when he traveled to Sri Lanka alongside other constitutional authorities to provide federal solutions to the country on conflicts among ethnic groups.

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Oren Frank Has Constructed A Successful And Innovative Business Model At Talkspace:

Oren Frank has been making some major strides as of late to continue with the growth of his mental health counselling platform known as Talkspace. As the founder and CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank has been responsible for the impressive growth that the company has experienced and he has affirmed that the company brings in tens of millions of dollars in revenue currently. Talkspace allows patients to access licensed therapists through the use of their smartphone or tablet devices or their computer at home. This is a really revolutionary concept in mental health therapy and has offered countless patients a level of access to therapy that they have never had before. Read more at by Oren Frank

Oren Frank and the Talkspace team have recently set out on some new plans for growth that may well include an initial public offering. The company has also announced that it has hired a new Chief Medical Officer. The individual that has been hired is former UnitedHealth Senior Medical Director Neil Leibowitz. Neil brings his vast amount of experience and knowledge to Talkspace in what is sure to be a huge boost for the company’s overall profile as Oren Frank moves forward with his continued plans for expansion of the platform.

One of the ways that Oren Frank has been keeping people updated about things going on with Talkspace and mental health, in general, is through his Twitter. Following Oren Frank on Twitter is a great way to find great articles about issues regarding mental health and it is a great way to find out about new things that are going on with Talkspace as the platform continues to change the way that mental health counselling services are delivered to the public. This social media outlet is another great way that people can find out about how Talkspace is making a difference.

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Organo Gold’s Influence On Today’s Coffee Culture

Have you ever heard of Organo Gold? If you haven’t heard about this coffee brand, then you’ve probably been living underground. This particular coffee producer has taken the industry by storm thanks to its rich-tasting coffee products. This coffee just so happens to be laced with ancient-Chinese herbs that manifest from the region’s mountainous region. Organo Gold has a hundred-million-dollar plant that manufactures ganoderma lucidum, which is the brand’s flagship ingredient. The company effectively ships the products all over the globe into 90 different countries thanks to its distributors.

Organo Gold is now part of the world’s coffee culture. Lovers of this brand can celebrate alongside of other like-minded individuals during International Coffee Day. This particular day has only been around since 2015, but it has been growing at an alarming rate ever since. International Coffee Day is a worldwide celebration as well as a worldwide appreciation of coffee as a product. Since coffee culture is basically a social gathering, this day fits the bill perfectly. From Italy to every corner of the earth, people can now celebrate one of the world’s most liked beverages, and they don’t have to feel ashamed for doing so.

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Childhood Cancer Survivor Sadie Keller Collaborates With Matthew Fleeger in the Spirit of Charity

Brave, courageous, valiant, and heroic – these are just a few words that describe 11-year-old Sadie Keller who’s turning her condition into a crusade of care.

Unlike most children her age, Sadie has had anything but a normal childhood. At the tender age of just 7, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a rare form of cancer that attacks the bone marrow and compromises the integrity of white and red blood cells. The unfortunate diagnosis interrupted her crucial scholastic schedule while subsequently leading to a demanding, arduous period of chemotherapy treatments embroiled with a series of complications involving blood transfusions, related infections, and regressive effects. Despite the gravity of the exhaustive situation, Sadie was able to pull through and has been happily cancer free since May of 2017.

Even in the midst of her challenging battle, her relentless spirit convinced her to share her enervating experience with others through a set of videos made to uplift others who shared her unfortunate experience. The growing notoriety of her videos led to her being featured on Inside Edition, ESPN, and heralded the creation of the Sadie Keller Foundation – an initiative dedicated to increased awareness in underfunded areas of pediatric cancer treatment.

The inspiring work of The Foundation attracted the attention of Matthew Fleeger, CEO, President and Director of Gulf Coast Western. Teaming up with Sadie and family, the corporate donor was instrumental in the commencement of the 2018 Sadie’s Sleigh Toy Drive, donating $14,000. The contribution helped the campaign exceed its goals and set a precedence for other organizations to step up and get involved in such life changing enterprises.

The success of the Foundation’s Toy Drive is indicative of both Sadie’s ambitious activism and Matthew Fleeger’s commitment to the philanthropic aspects of corporate culture. Sadie continues to lobby for legislative funding that supports cancer research.

Boraie Development:  The Aspire has The Best Features

When renting an apartment, especially in the recent times, people look out for so many things. Most consumers will want to live in a residential complex that is not far away from basic amenities that make life easier. Real estate companies that are thriving in the global market are the ones who have mastered the art of building homes that are beautiful in the best locations. One of the areas that have registered so much growth in the property market is New Brunswick. Several months ago, getting a comfortable and modern apartment was a hard task. People who were working in the neighboring places were forced to look for apartments in other areas because the buildings in New Brunswick were no longer attractive. Starting any business in this location was proving to be so hard for most business people. Apart from being deserted, the premises did not have the kind of features people wanted. The Aspire has brought a new dawn in the lives of all residents of the city.

Boraie Development has a special interest in New Jersey. Having been founded by a professional who was born in this part of the country, the real estate firm knows the exact needs of the people. When starting the construction of The Aspire, the professionals in charge of the construction took into consideration all the needs of the residents, and the outcome is bringing smile to many people. The new complex is rare in the market. Boraie Development top executives had to get enough funding from local banks to make sure that the new construction was going to bring everything a modern customer would be interested in. There are over two hundred units that will be offered to all the people who are interested in living in modern and unique places.

Agera Energy Offers Custom Energy Solutions To Help Their Customers Save Money

In the last few years, the need for a smarter and more energy efficient natural gas and electric supplier has increased drastically. Agera Energy fills this gap efficiently and offers a wide range of services to choose from. It has become one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energy and offers flexible contract terms to ensure that the customers get flexibility they are looking for.

Agera Energy doesn’t only supply natural gas and electricity to residential and commercial units, but also offers LED lighting solution that would help you save on energy bills considerably. The LED lighting professionals at Agera Energy would guide you as to how you can save electricity and reduce your energy bills by using LED lighting.

Agera Energy has made a good reputation in the industry for delivering the best energy solutions to their customers. The company ensures that their customers are provided with energy strategies that are perfect for their needs.

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Company Offering Financial Services in Dallas, Texas

A company offering financial services in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank Capital, undertook a successful private placement amounting to 54 million dollars of its subordinate notes which are fixed to certain floating rates during the year 2017. The notes were placed within various institutions as well as in investors who have a considerable top net worth. Through the proceeds acquired from this placement, the company aims at using them for corporate purposes.

With their maturity within the year 2027, the subordinate notes cannot be called back within a period of five years by the bank and within those five years, each of these notes carries a fixed rate amount of interest. After these five years, the floating rate is calculated based on various factors such as how much spread has grown above the basis points of the previous LIBOR. Furthermore, the subordinate notes do qualify under the capital regulations set. Nexbank Capital deals in offering of various financial services to its clientele which may include other financial institutions or corporations. The financial services offered by the company include mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services.

Within the commercial lending branch, they also offer a wide variety of services such as commercial real estate lending whereby the company takes part in real estate projects by teaming up with real estate owners and developers so as to finance development and construction. Within this branch, Nexbank also offers commercial lending to its clients through SBA loans and commercial loans so as to assist them to grow financially. Furthermore, the company also offers credit services to community banks within this branch. Other services within this branch include treasury management and agency services.

The next branch of the financial services is mortgage banking. Within this branch, the company also offers a couple of services which includes warehouse lending whereby the company helps their clients finish of their loans by offering them warehouse lines which they can fund. Nexbank Capital also offers correspondent and wholesale lending within the mortgage banking branch. This is done through various products such as jumbo, conforming and government.

The third branch is the institutional services branch which also has a number of services from which Nexbank’s clients can choose from. These services include real estate advisory, investment banking, public funds, financial institutions and treasury management. Some of the services offered to financial services are Holding Company Term Loans and Tailored Depository Services all which are aimed at financial growth of these particular institutions.