Labaton Sucharow assists a SEC Whistleblower to get a significant Reward.

The Labaton Sucharow Law Firm is a highly reputable provider of whistleblower representation services. The company established its whistleblower representation service in 2010, and it has developed over time to be the best in the industry. It currently has staff who make its services exceptional, and its professionals include financial predictors, internal investigators, and forensic auditors. The firm recently informed the public that one of the clients that it represents was awarded $17 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The informant’s reward is usually set by the whistleblower protection laws, and it is 10 to 30 percent of the money that is gained by the commission as penalties.

The intelligence that was provided by the whistleblower assisted the SEC in discovering several illegal undertakings that were being committed by top firms in the financial sector. The SEC is usually keen on safeguarding the identity of the whistleblower, and therefore, it did not provide much information about the case since it may disclose the informant. The head of the whistleblower representation practice of Labaton Sucharow, Jordan A. Thomas, believes that it was right for the whistleblower to offer information to the SEC. Mr. Thomas was an assistant director of the SEC, and therefore, he has ample knowledge and experience in state and federal securities laws.

The Congress created the Investor Protection Fund, which has $400 million that is used for paying informants of the SEC. The commission also encourages foreigners to report cases, and therefore, it provides translators for individuals who do not understand English. The identity of the informant is always protected, and the attorney-client privilege safeguards the information that is provided by the SEC whistleblowers.

Labaton Sucharow has been offering legal services for the past 50 years. The company has been handling cases that deal with securities and the primary clients that it has been serving are organizational investors, consumers, and enterprises. It was a frontrunner in offering representation to informants, and its whistleblower program is currently well established to file proper litigations for the clients. Its employees are well informed on the enactment of the state and federal securities laws hence they can offer the best representation to the SEC informants. The Legal 500, Chambers and Partners and Benchmark Litigation have named the company as a top provider of legal solutions for the complainants.

Mike Baur’s Awesome Founder Story

Mike Baur is becoming a powerful name in Switzerland but it’s also becoming a household name for startups too. Baur has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, and when on Founder Stories, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier asks him what makes this venture such a success. His vast experience in the financing and fundraising for his new venture is just one of the many ways in which he has created success for he and his partners. However, there is more to finance for this successful accelerator program designed for these startups.


The first question out of the gate was about why Baur left such a successful career in the banking industry. While it was a tough question, Baur was transparent about the fact that private banking wasn’t so exciting for him all of the time. He had the chance to do something different, and creating an incubation challenge for new startups was exciting for him. While he wasn’t sure at first how things would go, he wanted to invest in startups in Switzerland. The bottom line is that he saw a need and he was able to go in and solve the problem.


Secondly, Baur was wise to choose such a fitting name for this venture. The Swiss Startup Factory was appropriate, because the name appeals to the younger crowd and it conveys that young people are going to have to work hard. Baur feels that the younger generation may not always see just how hard it is to be successful, and that’s what he wants these individuals to see without fail.


Baur knows what it takes to invest, and he says that they have their skin in the game. He was conveying that they have their money and their time invested, so they are fully vested in what they are doing with the SSUF. Switzerland is viewed as a country of innovation, and when Baur noticed that they didn’t have any young and successful companies he believed that he could help. His vast knowledge and personal experience are a welcome contribution for the country, and he hopes that it will prove true for the SSUF long-term.


His goal was to invest in the fintech industry, which is a thriving industry right now on a global scale as digital technologies continue to be developed.

Kenyan News Anchor Experiences the Bad Taste of Wikipedia

In most cases, Wikipedia is the first source of information that comes up when we look for information in the search engines. The site, which was started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales, has helped people get a lot of information on the internet. However, sometimes Wikipedia is not good because it does not have a good mechanism to verify the credibility of information a person inputs under a particular subject. Recently, a Kenyan TV news anchor was amused when he realized that someone decided to update a Wikipedia page about him with information that was totally made up into some form of hilarious personal review.

According to the information in Wikipedia, Larry Madowo is a Kenyan politician born in 1889. He was a former leader of Kazi Party between 1934 and 1945. The edited information continues to add that he was the Chancellor of Kenya in 1933 and a dictator who fueled the circumstances that led to World War II in Europe. In the Wiki edits made, Larry was not born in Kenya but Uganda and mined copper as a young man. The hilarious edited version goes on to say that he attempted a coup in the Girl Scout Movement in Kisumu in 1919.

This cooked story is just a sample of the many incidences that show how Wikipedia can be misused by people with bad and good intentions alike. People have turned the good and selfless source of information that does not ask for a penny for what a person searches into a den of vicious and malicious Wikipedia editors who are only interested in damaging people’s reputation and giving false information. Many people don’t know the potential the site holds for them when they make a Wikipedia page, and that may be the reason why we find people who are out there to undermine the quality of content on the site. The site holds invaluable benefits to business both small and large. With it, one can create a Wiki page that includes a personal biography, manage online reputation, and add credibility and authenticity to his or her business. The resulting effects can be increased sales volume and enhanced visibility in search engines.

The organization recently came with an API mechanism that will be used to control editing on the site. Other concerned affiliate parties have also come up with a mechanism to ensure there is quality content on the site. For instance, there is Get Your Wiki, a site that provides Wikipedia editing services. You can hire a Wikipedia editor from Get Your Wiki who has a rich knowledge of various social, economic, political and religious aspects.

Video Visitation Can be Good For Inmates and Prisons

When does a visit from prison feel like a little more? Using Securus Technologies, inmates can use video conference to things like complete homework with their child, something that would be much more difficult if it was done over the phone. With video conferencing, inmates will be able to see their loved ones, something that can foster the connection between then, and encourage an inmate to be on their best behavior in a hope to get out sooner and be with that loved one. For children of inmates, that can also mean a bit more of a connection with their incarcerated parent.

Securus Technologies offers a number of different products designed to modernize the incarceration experience, specifically working in the area of communications, helping inmates stay connected to friends and family on the outside while they are serving their time. In addition to video visitation, Securus Technologies also offers jail voicemails options, a service which allows inmates to receive messages from their loved ones, even during times when they don’t have phone privileges. Then, an inmate would receive the message as soon as he or she was given time on the phone again.

Securus is constantly evolving its technologies and works with more than 2,2000 law enforcement and corrections agencies to create solutions that work well for them. Securus’ full line of products can handle things while inmate’s are incarcerated, and follow then through post-incarceration management.

Video visitation can have a number of benefits, both for inmates and the prison as a whole. From the inmate side of things, they are able to get some face time in with friends and family, especially children, without that person physically having to come to the prison in order to do so. Depending on where an inmate is incarcerated, it can be exceptionally difficult for far away family members to come visit with regularity. With video visitation, those visits can become more frequent.

The video conferencing technology can take a bit of the pressure off os staff, so they can focus on more important things. Video visitation can be completed on a computer, but also on a family member’s iPhone, iPad, or Android device — so they can visit an inmate no matter where they might be in the world.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.