Overview of Betterworks: Performance Management Software

Betterworks is an online performance management software which enables employees to work towards a common goal and enhance the processes in any given business. Again, the software encompasses feedback and communication features between different departments either involved in the existing project or not. The application is supported by both Apple and Android devices as well as on windows and available in Australia, the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Unlike other business performance management tools, Betterworks is more agile, fast and reliable built with advanced technologies for any business. The software comprises of all the factors which drive the company to success such as the provision of updates, employee development, feedback, communication and beneficial in public recognition. In operations, the tool is flexible and easy to use with its simple navigation feature; that you can quickly make changes, upgrades or set standards. Betterworks is essential in aligning company goals and ensuring workers remain motivated in working under achieving similar objectives.

Other related tools tend to classify employee communication systems such as email and direct messaging software each to specific sections. But with Betterworks, it fully integrates all the data within the software, through performance management and communication technologies; hence easier to upgrade performance and share relevant changes. It quickly integrates with Gmail and Outlook thus enabling managers to rate and communicate with others using Chrome extension features. Besides, Betterworks mobile applications are crucial as you can quickly keep up with your business while away or far from office hence suitable for communication and monitoring the company progress.

Download the Betterworks App –https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/betterworks/id1232326234?mt=8

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