How Entrepreneur Perry Mandera Has Helped Communities Across America

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur who founded The Custom Company, Inc. Working as the chief executive officer, he has more than 40 years of experience operating a company that takes care of its customer’s shipping needs. His company is based in the greater Chicago area and can ship items around the United States and the world.
He learned about transporting people and items when he served in the Marines. He fondly recalls this time in his life and says that he was in the motor pool and handled moving troops and supplies. This led to Perry Mandera wanting to enter the transportation industry once he was done with his service. He says he enjoyed the sense of camaraderie during his service and a sense of accomplishment.

He started his first transportation company in 1980 with just two trucks. Perry Mandera sold this company in 1985 and the next year he started The Custom Company. During this time, he also served as a Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago for four years. His company is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, and has offices all over the nation.

His company is a full-service transportation provider that includes among its services LTL, dedicated contract cartage, and international air freight forwarding. Perry Mandera’s company was once named as a Top 100 American Transporation Services of the Millenium by the Illinois Trucking Association. He is on this organization’s board of directors.

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist. He has helped children across the greater Chicago area by both donating his money and time. Among the youth-focused organizations he has helped are The Jesse White Tumblers, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, and the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. One time he donated 6,500 coats to children just before winter.

He has also donated transportation and supplies to people who have been affected by natural disasters. Perry Mandera responded when a tornado touched down in Washington, Illinois, for example. He also helped people affected by Hurricane Katrina in both Mississippi and Louisiana. He also sent trucks and supplies to people in California who had their homes burned down by wildfires.

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