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Who in the world is Jana Lightspeed? She’s Jana Messerschmidt, a respected professional who has employment through Lightspeed Venture Partners right now. She’s also an individual who helped set up #ANGELS. Jana gives a lot of effort to consumer investment matters of all kinds. That’s why she’s associated with Lightspeed’s consumer investment division. Since Jana works in the investment universe, she knows so much about all things that relate to cleantech, technology, enterprises and consumers of all varieties.

#ANGELS is something that matters a lot to Jana. It refers to an investment entity that concentrates on encouraging females to do a lot for up-and-coming startup organizations. #ANGELS collaborates with all sorts of businesses that span diverse sectors. Some examples of these varied businesses are Winnie, Cameo and even Bird.

Jana had already done a lot before teaming up with Lightspeed Venture Partners. She put a lot of time into guiding companies that had not been in existence for long. She used to have a job as Netflix’s Business Development director. Jana then concentrated on establishing Netflix’s streaming presences. She in the past had a job with the famed social network Twitter, too. Jana was Twitter’s International Business Development head for some time. She then took charge of relations between developers. She even managed things that involved sales.

Jana Lightspeed calls the San Francisco, California region her place of residence these days. She has a husband. They share a small daughter as well. The little girl is the light of her life. Jana earned a University of Illinois B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree. She studied computer engineering. Investments aren’t the sole thing that drives Jana daily. She’s enthusiastic about setting up all kinds of events. Jana is an individual who strives to do things in her capacity to push women to the front.

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