Sussex Healthcare Focuses on the Future

Sussex Healthcare is investing in its two most important resources, the customers and the employees. Sussex is conducting a review in all of its locations to make sure it is serving its patients in the best possible way. It is also making sure the message is being spread that it is taking notice of some of the things it can improve. COO Steve Whittingham is overseeing the changes that are being made. Sussex Healthcare is going out into the communities that it serves to make sure people know that it is there if ever they need assisted living. It is also making sure family and friends know they are welcome anytime to see their loved ones. Check out this link

Sussex Healthcare is also making sure that it has the best possible employees across the company. That success begins with strong communication throughout. Clear lines of communication have been implemented so everyone knows that they will receive the support they need. It is also investing in those employees. Daniella Pestridge has only been with the company for a few months but Sussex is supporting her in her nursing degree. Sussex is also trying to get the best new talent to work for it. It is actively advertising in the local communities but also on a national level.

Sussex is also always looking for ways to make life better for its customers. A recent review showed that patients prefer unique activities rather than generic group activities. As each individual is unique so every activity should be tailored to the customer. Each resident is encouraged to suggest new activities and policies. Sussex is taking that feedback and changing things to suit their residents.

These changes are being made after an internal review, but it also requested an independent analysis from an outside company. It is all part of the way forward for Sussex Healthcare.

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