Company Offering Financial Services in Dallas, Texas

A company offering financial services in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank Capital, undertook a successful private placement amounting to 54 million dollars of its subordinate notes which are fixed to certain floating rates during the year 2017. The notes were placed within various institutions as well as in investors who have a considerable top net worth. Through the proceeds acquired from this placement, the company aims at using them for corporate purposes.

With their maturity within the year 2027, the subordinate notes cannot be called back within a period of five years by the bank and within those five years, each of these notes carries a fixed rate amount of interest. After these five years, the floating rate is calculated based on various factors such as how much spread has grown above the basis points of the previous LIBOR. Furthermore, the subordinate notes do qualify under the capital regulations set. Nexbank Capital deals in offering of various financial services to its clientele which may include other financial institutions or corporations. The financial services offered by the company include mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services.

Within the commercial lending branch, they also offer a wide variety of services such as commercial real estate lending whereby the company takes part in real estate projects by teaming up with real estate owners and developers so as to finance development and construction. Within this branch, Nexbank also offers commercial lending to its clients through SBA loans and commercial loans so as to assist them to grow financially. Furthermore, the company also offers credit services to community banks within this branch. Other services within this branch include treasury management and agency services.

The next branch of the financial services is mortgage banking. Within this branch, the company also offers a couple of services which includes warehouse lending whereby the company helps their clients finish of their loans by offering them warehouse lines which they can fund. Nexbank Capital also offers correspondent and wholesale lending within the mortgage banking branch. This is done through various products such as jumbo, conforming and government.

The third branch is the institutional services branch which also has a number of services from which Nexbank’s clients can choose from. These services include real estate advisory, investment banking, public funds, financial institutions and treasury management. Some of the services offered to financial services are Holding Company Term Loans and Tailored Depository Services all which are aimed at financial growth of these particular institutions.

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