Edwin Miranda, The CEO Of KOI IXS

The founder and CEO of KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda believes that with the necessary drive and ambition one can easily succeed in today’s market. The firm is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. Edwin also believes that through maturity one can attain what they want in life; one can earn maturity through experiencing growth in different perspectives. According to Edwin Miranda, he sees a bright future for KOI IXS.

The firm has technicians and professionals that are self-driven who work towards creating fruitful market for the people of Puerto Rico. Edwin came up with the idea for KOI IXS when he was only 21; he put effort into making his dream a reality. Edwin ensures that his employees work with togetherness in ensuring that services are provided to all. As an entrepreneur, Edwin uses technological advancements to provide his clientele with advice on how to make it in today’s market.

Edwin Miranda enjoys spending time with his team of employees and working on ideas together. He is very appreciative to lead a team like his in achieving the company’s vision. Edwin advises young business people all over not to be afraid to venture into new ideas. They should be passionate and ambitious in making a business plan worth it. He works on ideas by creating to-do lists and ensuring that he executes each one of them on a set date.

As an entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda advises upcoming business personnel not to work on something by themselves. A business person should be surrounded by a creative professional team that will help you work towards your goal. The team will also help your work out a downfall or other business related problems. An entrepreneur should be ready to take business risks and invest in other people. Risks are a massive step in the right direction.

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