Gareth Henry The Investment Enthusiast

Gareth Henry is a London born, New York based businessman, investor and a qualified UK Actuary. He is a charismatic individual with great appeal to Actuarial science and finance students. He is currently the Managing Director for a global alternative investment firm. His vast experience in investment has seen him at the fore froth in discussing the important role of Hedge funds. Gareth Henry believes that hedge funds comes in many shapes and sizes ,but their design has the ability to take investments approaches which offers investors return that are often of one degree or another ,uncorrelated with traditional equity and bond investment.

Gareth Henry spends most of his time talking to investors about alternative assets such as hedge funds compared to traditional investments and how it diversifies portfolios. This has seen the investment class that he talks to increasingly moving to diversify their portfolios by hedging their stocks and bonds . He has also seen firsthand opportunities of how long or short funds may use this market environment to select stocks to short due to exposure to negative rates, while funds that take a macro approach can profit in a number of ways. In addition to the attraction of investing funds that profit, he believes that hedging can potentially improve portfolio performance on both an absolute and relative basis.

Moreover, Gareth Henry has had the opportunity of spreading quantitative investing in the investment world. Having had a great working experience with investments, he has a great understanding of the development of quantitative investing as experienced by his practitioners. He believes that in spite of the fact that it is not possible to tell the exact profitability of the program trading is based on mathematics and numbers and analysis of human behavior does enables one to identify trading opportunities.

According to him, quantitative investing is prominent. The method’s ability to separate logical and emotional decision is the key to its success. This is because emotional is the greatest foe to logical thinking. Therefore his stand is that quantitative investing is the solution to the constant volatility of financial markets.

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