Victoria Doramus, Her Line of Work & Personal Interests

Victoria Doramus is one of those lovely human beings who simply don’t believe in limitations. For starters, she is arguably the smartest marketer and planners of this day and age. Secondly, she is also involved in quite a number of charities among them; Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society and the Amy Winehouse Foundation just to mention a few.

Where Did Victoria Doramus School?

Victoria Doramus attended the University of Colorado Boulder between 2002 and 2006. While she was still there, she was able to pick up a few vital skills that enabled her to become the respected marketer and planner that she is today. But she later had to go for further studies in order to keep improving the quality of her service to her esteemed clients.

And that’s how Victoria Doramus found herself in the Sotheby’s Institute of Arts a few years after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder. While at Sotheby’s Institute of Arts, Victoria Doramus learned all she could about the Foundations of Western Art and Contemporary Design.

Victoria Doramus and Her Work Experience

Victoria Doramus has well over a decade worth of experience which has often put her well ahead of the curve. For starters, she was the legendary Peter Berg’s personal assistant for close to three years. During that time as his assistant, Victoria Doramus was able to handle a lot of dealings as well as errands on his behalf thus giving her a lot of experience as far as planning was concerned.

Thanks to her amazing ability as a comprehensive writer, Victoria Doramus has written comprehensive pieces for online magazines such as The Cosmopolitan, USA Today, The Cassandra Report, The Huffington Post, and Trendcentral among others. She often focuses on lifestyle writing – an area where she so happens to have a very long experience on.

At some point, Victoria Doramus was the West Coast Director of Trendera as well as the Creative Consultant for two companies. These two companies were J. Crew and Stila Cosmetics. Victoria Doramus was at one point the Marketer for Creative Artists Agency, a job that she did exceptionally well.

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