Betsy DeVos Comes To Washington D.C. With Fresh Perspective

If you were to take a nationwide poll about parental satisfaction in the public school system, the results might shock you in an unpleasant way. The United States’ global ranking in education-related fields is something that should alarm and upset the vast majority of patriotic Americans. Parents being dissatisfied with the state of public education is something to be expected but it is not something that we need to live with. Betsy DeVos, the newest installed Secretary of Education of the United States, has her work cut out for her. With a long history of working for school reform at the private level, will Betsy DeVos be able to instill her fresh perspective of reform at the federal level?


Betsy DeVos is known around political circles in Michigan for two very different reasons. The first reason, which you would agree with after meeting DeVos, is that she is a soft-spoken individual who is as charming as she is easy to get along with. The second reason that politicians in Michigan are aware of Betsy DeVos is far different: she is a political bulldog. DeVos earned a reputation for being someone who is tough at the negotiation table and absolutely calculating in the way she approaches her work. As the chair of several major educational foundations and the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has experience trying to work with others in a political capacity, even as a private citizen. Betsy DeVos will have to lean on both of these personality traits as she seeks to take her private success to the federal government.


As the hand-selected choice for Secretary of Education by President Trump himself, Betsy DeVos is coming to Washington D.C. with a certain amoutn of clout next to her name already. With that being said, the American political scene is more divided now then it has been since the Civil War. People are well and truly done with trying to get along in a political sense. What does this mean for education reform? Well, it means that Betsy DeVos is going to have to work her job while trying to navigate a hostile environment where obstruction is the norm and combative personalities are everywhere. There will be times when DeVos is even forced to butt heads with the President himself, as she did in regards to President Trump’s decision to end federal protections for transgendered students in relation to school bathrooms. Even though Betsy DeVos is committed to her conservative educational policies, she knows that her work is going to force her to be able to meet in the middle with people at times.


Born and raised in Michigan, Betsy DeVos grew up believing in all of the values that most traditional Americans hold dear. DeVos learned faith, family and conservative policy throughout her childhood and now she is going to try and keep those traits dear to her heart as she seeks to reform education for children now and children to come. With a lot of hard work, Betsy DeVos has a chance to change lives.


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