Greensky BlueGrass Fans Drive Word-Of-Mouth Popularity For Band

Greensky brought their innovative brand of rock-infused bluegrass to the vaunted Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, recently and drove a shoulder-to-shoulder, standing-room-only crowd into a frenzied state of hard-pickin’ heaven.

Playing Red Rocks is considered a major milestone for many bands. If you’re headlining there, you’ve arrived. But Greensky did more than show up. They proved why they’re one of America’s most talked about bluegrass acts that’s garnered legions of followers in the past decade.

Greensky Bluegrass was founded in 2004 with three members. That would be Michael Bont on Banjo, Dave Bruzza on guitar and Paul Hoffman on mandoline. Hoffman also provides the silky vocals for the group and writes songs. They later expanded to a five-man set when they brought in Michael Devol, a classical cellist, as bass player and Anders Beck playing an amazing dobro.

A big milestone for the bluegrass quintet came in 2006 when the band won first place at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival competition. The event is held in Telluride, Colorado, and is sponsored by Planet Bluegrass.

The band released their first album in 2004. It was called Less Than Supper. The follow-up album was Tuesday Letter produced by Tim Carbone, a member of the highly Railroad Earth. Greensky’s third at latest album is Shouted, Written Down & Quoted released in 2016. That effort was produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.

Part of the reason for this group’s success is its deep bench. The vocals of Paul Hoffman and his nuanced songwriting have touched a chord with a key audience demographic. Another factor is the amazingly emotive play of Anders Beck on the dobro. Beck is something of a latecomer to the band. He joined seven years after the band originally formed in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the mid-2000s. But today fans of Greensky could not imagine this group without the iconic style Beck brings to the music. It’s as if he completed a certain “sound” the boys had been looking for from the beginning.

The audience continues to grow for Greensky, largely due to word-of-mouth promotion engendered by enthusiastic fans.

Matt Badiali on Freedom Checks opportunities

Freedom Checks is an investment strategy. Contrary to the understanding of many investors. It has nothing to do with the government. There is now here the government is involved in giving out the checks. It is an investment strategy just like any other. You have to invest and expect to reap from the profits. To get the best return, you have to pick the best company to invest in. The idea of the Freedom Checks was introduced by Matt Badiali in a viral video that got many people talking and giving varied opinions about it. While some people thought that it was a scam, others went ahead and took the advice from Badiali and now they are happy with the returns they are getting.

Freedom Checks is a concept that is derived from the laws of the internal revenue act. Under Statute 26-F, there are companies that are given tax exemptions by the government based on the work they do. In the 1980’s, the congress wanted to improve jobs creation in the United States while at the same time boosting the business environment in the country. One of the measures they took is to offer some companies a leeway to operate under different regulation. Among the businesses that benefited in the move are mining and exploration companies operating locally. These are companies that are supposed to explore the natural resources found locally in the United States.

Master Limited Partnerships are the businesses that Matt Badiali was referring to when introducing this concept. He looked at the way they operate and noted that they are likely to benefit many people because they give out most of their profits to investors in return for tax exemptions.

Matt Badiali says that most MLPs are in the field of mining and energy, and these are the ones that will pay investors huge amounts of income. He is urging investors to look for opportunities in companies that deal with production, processing, storage and transportation of these products. The idea has so far benefited many people who took up the idea he fronted. In his estimation, investors will make up to 10,000 percent in returns through the Freedom Checks.

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Betsy DeVos Comes To Washington D.C. With Fresh Perspective

If you were to take a nationwide poll about parental satisfaction in the public school system, the results might shock you in an unpleasant way. The United States’ global ranking in education-related fields is something that should alarm and upset the vast majority of patriotic Americans. Parents being dissatisfied with the state of public education is something to be expected but it is not something that we need to live with. Betsy DeVos, the newest installed Secretary of Education of the United States, has her work cut out for her. With a long history of working for school reform at the private level, will Betsy DeVos be able to instill her fresh perspective of reform at the federal level?


Betsy DeVos is known around political circles in Michigan for two very different reasons. The first reason, which you would agree with after meeting DeVos, is that she is a soft-spoken individual who is as charming as she is easy to get along with. The second reason that politicians in Michigan are aware of Betsy DeVos is far different: she is a political bulldog. DeVos earned a reputation for being someone who is tough at the negotiation table and absolutely calculating in the way she approaches her work. As the chair of several major educational foundations and the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has experience trying to work with others in a political capacity, even as a private citizen. Betsy DeVos will have to lean on both of these personality traits as she seeks to take her private success to the federal government.


As the hand-selected choice for Secretary of Education by President Trump himself, Betsy DeVos is coming to Washington D.C. with a certain amoutn of clout next to her name already. With that being said, the American political scene is more divided now then it has been since the Civil War. People are well and truly done with trying to get along in a political sense. What does this mean for education reform? Well, it means that Betsy DeVos is going to have to work her job while trying to navigate a hostile environment where obstruction is the norm and combative personalities are everywhere. There will be times when DeVos is even forced to butt heads with the President himself, as she did in regards to President Trump’s decision to end federal protections for transgendered students in relation to school bathrooms. Even though Betsy DeVos is committed to her conservative educational policies, she knows that her work is going to force her to be able to meet in the middle with people at times.


Born and raised in Michigan, Betsy DeVos grew up believing in all of the values that most traditional Americans hold dear. DeVos learned faith, family and conservative policy throughout her childhood and now she is going to try and keep those traits dear to her heart as she seeks to reform education for children now and children to come. With a lot of hard work, Betsy DeVos has a chance to change lives.


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CloudWick: The Task Of Managing Multiple Data Types

As companies rely more on technology, one of the biggest problems is the ability to efficiently manage large volumes of data coming from multiple sources. To make this process better, companies have started to rely on what is known as a data lake. A centralized repository that allows for the storing of structured and unstructured data, a data lake can offer many more benefits that traditional data management systems. For companies who partner with CloudWick, the benefits make many tasks much easier and efficient.

Because companies must be able to access data in a timely manner, CloudWick ensures its data lake can accomplish this and much more. By helping a company assess its current data management system environment, CloudWick can then partner with the company to build a data lake that offer the levels of security it needs for all types of data. For example, once the data lake is completed and set up, clusters can be monitored and managed either on-premises or in a cloud. Along with this, because the data lake is created with the help of numerous data scientists, engineers, and administrators, support is always available to companies when questions arise.

In addition to these benefits, CloudWick also offers customers the ability to be helped with other related areas as well. From consulting and development to staffing and managed services, it is possible to obtain expert advice in these and many other areas. Relying on data scientists and developers who among them have well over 400 various certifications, companies in various industries can obtain the help they need at any time. Whether it is a healthcare facility, retail corporation, global financial institution, telecom company, or government agency, CloudWick can analyze the most complex issues and offer reasonable, affordable, and practical solutions.

As companies continue to grow and offer more services to customers, the amounts of data that will be generated will continue to grow, and will of course need to be stored and protected. Because of this, it is more important than ever to take a proactive approach to this issue by enlisting the help of CloudWick.

Adam Milstein on the role of IAC

Adam Milstein is a prominent Jewish activist living in the United States. He is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. His business life might not be known to many, but it plays a critical role in attaining the other initiatives he is involved in. The real estate business gives him the source of the funds needed to run the philanthropic campaigns. Milstein is better known for his role in an organization known as the Israeli American Council (IAC). This organization engages young Jews with the aim of motivating them to become great Jewish leaders in the future. The organization also promotes Israelites through the annual Yom HaAtzmaut celebrations and other educational programs.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are running another foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization is interested in promoting Israeliness among the Jews living in the United States. Some of the programs that this organization runs include subsidies for high school students who attend the annual AIPAC Policy Conference.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to the United States in the 1980s for further studies. He pursued a masters degree in business administration at the University of Southern Carolina. After formal education, he established a real estate company. Through the success he has found in the real estate sector, he is now able to support various initiatives that he feels are personal to him. Adam Milstein loves engaging in philanthropy from the heart. He considers philanthropy his main job.

IAC was formed in 20o7 through his initiative. He appreciates the role that has been played by this organization since he created it. In the past, there was nothing like Israeli philanthropy. Today, philanthropy among the Jews have gained momentum, and many forums are now being used to support this agenda. The strength of the State of Israeli is one of the agendas that rank top on his list. Through IAC, he managed to create a culture of giving among the Jews. Adam Milstein insists that the mission of strengthening the community should start with the Jews living in the United States because they have exposure to more challenges that face the community.

GreenSky credit offers first truly instant loans for amounts in the $10,000s

GreenSky Credit has taken the fintech world by storm. The company was founded just 13 years ago. But in its brief lifespan, it has become the dominant player in the fintech lending business, doing more than $5 billion in new loans each year.

The secret behind the incredible success of GreenSky has been the fact that the company has pioneered a truly novel means of financing big-ticket items, directly at the point of sale. The company is the first to offer truly instantly approved loans for amounts of up to six figures. This means that for the first time, qualifying customers have access to credit facilities that can allow them to immediately begin work on their dream renovations for their home. And GreenSky is now expanding into a large number of other fields, including high-end dental work, cosmetic surgeries, roofing and window replacement.

Bridge financing for all

GreenSky is the first company to do what has always been a critical task in the world of real estate development. Without the ability to secure short-term financing to access the cash needed for their projects, real estate developers the country over would be unable to complete the majority of their developments. This short-term financing is what makes the world of real estate development go round.

GreenSky has now made it possible for individuals who face the same problems with the enormous costs of cash-intensive remodeling projects to access the same types of credit facilities that the biggest players rely on. This short-term bridge financing for retail consumers has added billions of dollars each year to the home improvement economy. And it is helping customers to add value to their homes as well. The types of projects for which the company lends money almost always result in net home-value gains when adjusting for the cost of the projects themselves.

By being first to market with retail bridge financing, GreenSky has gained a long-term competitive advantage in the space that will be very difficult for other entrants to contend with. And this makes the company’s long-term dominance all but assured.

Ryan Seacrest: A Man With Many Talents

On weekday mornings, Live! With Kelly and Ryan broadcasts live on the television. You may be familiar with Ryan Seacrest. Most likely, you remember him from the show, American Idol. Maybe you have heard him on the radio. Ryan Seacrest hits the radio airwaves on his show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“.

Not only does Ryan Seacrest hosts numerous shows he also owns Ryan Seacrest Productions. This Emmy-award winning production company launched in 2006. Although Ryan Seacrest does not make a personal appearance, his production company is behind “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “Shahs of Sunset”, and “I Love Kellie Pickler” just to name a few. If it concerns entertainment you can be sure that Ryan Seacrest will come to mind. Do you know that show called, “Shades of Blue” with Jennifer Lopez? Or have you seen “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”? You guessed it, Ryan Seacrest Productions produced these shows.

The radio show host is also a businessman investing in many entertainment and media companies such as Pinterest. He also has his own clothing and accessory collection. Recently, he has also launched a men’s skincare line in partnership with Dr. Harold Lancer. Ryan Seacrest also maintains relationships with big name brands such as Coca-Cola and Ford. His reputation precedes him.

As a philanthropist, Ryan Seacrest founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation is behind Seacrest Studios. What’s Seacrest Studios? Seacrest Studios are “media centers” set up in pediatric hospitals. These media centers can be found throughout the U.S.A. What’s it for? Ryan Seacrest Foundation aims to alleviate stress commonly associated with families and children who are undergoing treatment at these pediatric hospitals. These media centers offer a means of distraction but also educates patients in entertainment and media production. In addition, it also gives patients hands-on activities on the ins-and-outs of properly using media equipment. One of Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s ultimate goal is to create an environment conducive to staying optimistic throughout the progression of a pediatric patient’s treatment.

Ryan Seacrest is a host, businessman, investor, fashion line creator and he is also a philanthropist. He stays active with countless projects and is commended for his philanthropic endeavors.

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