Ara Chackerian’s Newest Venture Brings A New Type Of Treatment In Psychotherapy

Ara Chackerian is known in the business world for his philanthropy as well as his business savvy. He graduated from Florida State with a bachelors in marketing. He focuses on the sustainability of his ventures as an entrepreneur. He has been working for decades to bring healthcare and technology together. One of his latest ventures in the field of healthcare is TMC Health Solutions. While he already had grown a company that focused on outpatient radiology services, he and his partner decided that it was time to extend their focus to other areas of healthcare as well.


Over the last decade, Chackerian had already worked to build an extensive network of radiology services in California when someone suggests he look into the field of psychiatry. He had always been a follower of the latest technology in healthcare and when he heard about transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression, he realized that it could be a good opportunity for both potential clients and his business portfolio.


While his businesses may be based in the United States, Ara Chackerian is concerned about the well being of people around the world. He has realized that the United States isn’t the only first world country that has citizens concerned about access to healthcare. This is something that people in other countries like France and Japan are worried about as well. It has led to him and many others asking how these countries could be thriving while their citizens had limited access to quality healthcare.  For more info you can checkout


Many countries have adopted universal health care in order to help all of their citizens but there are problems with this model as well says Ara Chackerian. While the system may guarantee that people are able to access the care that they need they may have to wait a long time to see a doctor or complete a procedure. The systems throughout the United States and other first world countries may not be perfect, but they are certainly doing better than areas that are still developing. It will take time to perfect the system to allow access to everyone who needs it when they need it. You can visit their facebook page for more details.



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