Southridge Capital’s Journey of Success

Southridge investment Group is a private equity firm located in Connecticut. The firm offers securities brokerage and investment banking services. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996. The firm is well versed with cryptocurrency owing to the firm’s obvious advantage of expertise in offering advice, and financing companies. In a day, Bitcoin transacts more than 200,000 transactions in terms of transaction volume. Cryptocurrencies are set to change the world despite of the market volatility.

Bitcoin’s increase in popularity has come from its gradual acceptance by many financial institutions. Some institutions such as Intercontinental Exchange has gone a step further by establishing a crypto trading product which will assist the investors to directly purchase Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has also been accepted in other non-financial institutions such as hospitality markets and in the field of real estate. For more info you can checkout


Southridge  skilled executive team has an extensive understanding of marketplace. The team is also skilled in curating and executing financial plans. The firm has had success in its area of expertise investing $1.8 billion to various growing companies in the world. The firm is conversant with the many challenges that face the growing companies; therefore, the firm’s experts are well versed in many corporate issues such as techniques of individualizing finances, and management of optimized balance sheet among other significant issues.

In the recent interview, the CEO and founder of Southridge Capital Stephen M. Hicks said that the idea for Southridge started while he was still working at one of New York’s hedge fund. Southridge was born while he was still working at a small hedge fund in New York. He believes that his experience in the industry helps bring his ideas to life. The trends that excites him the most is pot and cryptocurrency. He advises the young people participate on less deals while putting their main focus on cash as opposed to returns. You can visit their facebook account for more details.




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