Kenyan News Anchor Experiences the Bad Taste of Wikipedia

In most cases, Wikipedia is the first source of information that comes up when we look for information in the search engines. The site, which was started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales, has helped people get a lot of information on the internet. However, sometimes Wikipedia is not good because it does not have a good mechanism to verify the credibility of information a person inputs under a particular subject. Recently, a Kenyan TV news anchor was amused when he realized that someone decided to update a Wikipedia page about him with information that was totally made up into some form of hilarious personal review.

According to the information in Wikipedia, Larry Madowo is a Kenyan politician born in 1889. He was a former leader of Kazi Party between 1934 and 1945. The edited information continues to add that he was the Chancellor of Kenya in 1933 and a dictator who fueled the circumstances that led to World War II in Europe. In the Wiki edits made, Larry was not born in Kenya but Uganda and mined copper as a young man. The hilarious edited version goes on to say that he attempted a coup in the Girl Scout Movement in Kisumu in 1919.

This cooked story is just a sample of the many incidences that show how Wikipedia can be misused by people with bad and good intentions alike. People have turned the good and selfless source of information that does not ask for a penny for what a person searches into a den of vicious and malicious Wikipedia editors who are only interested in damaging people’s reputation and giving false information. Many people don’t know the potential the site holds for them when they make a Wikipedia page, and that may be the reason why we find people who are out there to undermine the quality of content on the site. The site holds invaluable benefits to business both small and large. With it, one can create a Wiki page that includes a personal biography, manage online reputation, and add credibility and authenticity to his or her business. The resulting effects can be increased sales volume and enhanced visibility in search engines.

The organization recently came with an API mechanism that will be used to control editing on the site. Other concerned affiliate parties have also come up with a mechanism to ensure there is quality content on the site. For instance, there is Get Your Wiki, a site that provides Wikipedia editing services. You can hire a Wikipedia editor from Get Your Wiki who has a rich knowledge of various social, economic, political and religious aspects.