An Outstanding Businessman, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Alexei Beltyukov is a businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He began his educational career studying medicine, but discovered his real calling was business. He continued his educational career pursuing business and attended the INSEAD School of Business, earning an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration.

Alexei Beltyukov went on to establish several businesses including Endemic Capital and A-Ventures. Endemic Capital is a funding source focusing on Russian start-up businesses.

A-Ventures offer financial help to companies who struggling financially, but have potential to prosper. His philanthropic side has established a scholarship for Russian students who are accepted to study at his alma mater, INSEAD. The scholarship is his way to help his alma mater and helping others to achieve the same type of opportunities he has had.

Alexei Beltyukov works with the Russian government and offers his economic guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation. As Vice President of the organization, he provides the necessary leadership to provide opportunity and grants for Russian start-ups in the field of technology.

The Foundation also supports the entrepreneurial spirit as businesses desire to expand opportunities throughout Russia.

Alexei Beltyukov is also associated with SOLVY. The business is an online homework platform targeted to high school students. Using certain criteria, the platform generates assignments that can be used for homework. Teachers are able to use the SOLVY platform to create and customize, as well as administer exercises in education.

The methods are efficient and effective and are designed to encourage progressive and non-traditional thinking to solve real world and realistic problems. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

Students learn to work through a problem in a methodical and thought provoking manner and establish the answer while noting the work it took to arrive at the answer. This has become the preferred method of learning and not just students a choice of answers.

SOLVY teaches students to think and rationalize problems using previously acquired skills and expanding their foundation of knowledge.

The platform gives students the skills required to learn comprehensive thinking and find multiple ways and methods to solve problems and answer questions. Teachers have the ability to monitor student’s progress and make the necessary adjustments to modify learning habits.

Changing Your Life

Do you want to change your life for the better? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to start a business. A lot of people today are excited about the new opportunities that are in this area. Jason Hope has done a great of leveraging technology to help in his business model. There are a lot of small business owners today who want to model his success. Learning from him directly is the best way to accomplish your goals in this area.

Jason Hope

From the time he was young, Jason Hope has always wanted to start his own business. He had to endure some early challenges in order to get to where he is today. If you want to learn from him, he is always open to answering questions and mentoring young people. Jason Hope has proven that he is able to scale a business up quickly, and he is ready to change the lives of people in his local community.

Giving Back

One of the things that has defined the life of Jason Hope is giving back. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help others. He has invested thousands of dollars back into his local community this year to help drive awareness around the importance of education. This is one of the things that he is most passionate about in life. Not only does he want to help others, but he also wants to help them get to a new level in their career. He knows that investing in education can change families and communities for many years to come. Over the years, he has helped many people get to the next step in life. Despite running a business, he still finds time to help others in a variety of ways by giving back.

Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory Ensure Startups Are Built Well

Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory to ensure every startup was given the opportunity to grow properly. He runs the company with help from a fine staff, and he has funding partners who help with each new client. It is quite important a startup comes to Mike for help, and this article explains how Mike serves every customer with a range of services.


#1: How Does Mike Serve New Customers?


Mike serves new customers using information he is given in their first appointment. He wants to know the goals of the business, and he wants them to tell him what they need. He will respond with a list of resources that may serve them well, and he works out funding options for each customer. He has quite a lot of investment partners who are interested in digital technology, and he sets up his startup clients with someone who has money to give.


#2: How Is The Business Built?


There are quite a lot of people walking through the door who simply do not know how to manage a large business. The business itself may be a lovely idea, and it will function well when Mike has explained how to set up the governance structure of the company. He will help the business choose members of their board of directors, and he will show them how to bring in people who will serve the business before themselves. Mike does not join the board of directors himself. He is simply the middle man who will help two parties come together.


#3: How Long Will Funding Rounds Last?


The funding for every business must be chosen with help from trained professionals, and each round of funding must have its own purpose. Mike talks over funding with each client, and they determine how long the funding rounds must last to ensure there is no trouble. He knows it is possible to help a business find all the money they need, and they may start new funding rounds while they have the opportunity.


Mike Baur is quite well-versed in starting new companies, and he is helping the businesses he serves with the money they need to survive. They will find funding that brings their ideas to life, and they will continue to grow until Mike has them leaving the startup phase. A company will grow into a success when it is started with Mike Baur’s help.


Bettering Baltimore With Kevin Seawright

As the creator of RPS Solutions LLC Kevin Seawright has provided housing opportunities in the Baltimore area for people who otherwise would have never dreamed of becoming homeowners. Seawright’s company manages assets, development and oversees government contracts in order to build homes for impoverished people living in Baltimore. Baltimore is one of America’s fastest-growing cities, and its thanks to people like Kevin that the city continues to improve and take advantage of opportunities it would otherwise never have encountered.

Building Baltimore’s Future

According to PR, Kevin Seawright is one of the most famous asset managers in Baltimore.

Homeowners schedule appointments with Seawright’s RPS Solutions LLC. RPS Solutions provides a unique service that satiates the need for a comprehensive asset-management program.

Service Advantages

Customers never have to doubt their trust in Kevin Seawright’s services. The services provided are with the intent of promoting and bettering the Baltimore area so that impoverished sections of town are able to be made better for generations to come.

Young generations of want to be home owners are given the chance by Seawright to live their dreams and continue with the process of owning their first home.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Don’t use someone who cannot be trusted. Home ownership and asset management are serious and deserve help that is credible and reliable. With determination Kevin Seawright continues to be honored to provide services to individuals who will become constant fixtures within their community.

Community building is a surefire method of improving an overall city and ultimately spurs on further development within a city itself.

Those looking for a management company to help secure a home should look towards RPS Solutions LLC. They are the best option for a professional and expedient job.

Kevin Seawright sees that everyone involved throughout the process is treated in a respectful professional manner and works hard to achieve dreams.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: Scientist and Expert on Oncology

Mikhail attended the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg where he graduated with a Master’s degree in internal medicine and a Ph.D. in experimental medicine. He joined the New York Medical College in Valhalla as an associate professor of medicine on Mikhail later became a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute and worked here for seven years. Mikhail joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology in 2009. His work at the Institute varies from teaching to conducting research in the field of oncology.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has written around 270 papers. They have gotten nearly 30,000 citations giving him an h-index of 83. Mikhail’s research over the years has revolved around signal transduction, molecular biology, oncogenes, and tumor suppressors. The unique and new strategies that he has developed over the years have established him as one of the top most researchers on cancer and aging therapeutics.

One of his famous papers is on the role of TOR signaling in aging. Blagosklonny says that the overdevelopment of cells causes cancer and aging and that cancer is a sign of aging. This is why he proposed the use of rapamycin on as an anti-ageing drug. He had demonstrated in one of his earlier articles that rapamycin slows down cellular senescence which is deterioration with age.

Mikhail is the editor-in-chief of Aging and its founding editor at He is one of the editors-in-chief of Oncotarget and Oncoscience. Oncotarget is a medical journal on oncology published by Impact Journals. The journal is open access, peer reviewed, and released on a weekly basis. The journal among the most important journals in cancer research. It has helped to encourage collaboration between scientists. This is because it is free and is released online. It can be accessed by anyone regardless of location. He is an editor of Cell Death & Differentiation, Cancer Biology & Therapy, and Autophagy.

Leading Logistics Company IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is one of the top logistics companies in the world. It is based in the United States and primarily assists numerous departments in the United States government as well as private corporations. It is a leading facilities management, logistics and technology management company. The main purpose of IAP Worldwide is to help numerous organizations establish infrastructure no matter where they are worldwide. As a result, a number of organizations on have been able to establish roads, buildings, communication systems, energy sources and technology centers whenever they look to establish a presence in a given location. With a more firmly established presence, organizations will be able to conduct operations and complete projects more easily.

When it comes to developing infrastructure, one of the most important things that must be done is putting together roads. Organizations that look to establish a presence in remote locations will sometimes be without any roads. As a result, they will need assistance in developing them. With the help of IAP Worldwide Services, organizations will have the ability to design, develop and construct roads that will provide them with safe and easy access to various locations.

Read more: IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

Along with quality roads, organizations will often need to have buildings and other facilities to carry out operations. As a result, they will benefit from the services offered by IAP Worldwide. The company will design, develop and construct a number of buildings for any organization looking to establish a presence. IAP Worldwide Services will make sure that the buildings are safe, are made out of quality durable materials and that are able to withstand various weather conditions. IAP Worldwide will also make sure that buildings are compatible with technology, communications and energy systems as well.

IAP Worldwide also offers organizations development and management of communications systems. It also helps organizations put together and establish energy sources as well. With communications systems, IAP is able to help organizations set up and install satellites and signal devices to provide a high quality communications source.

All organizations need technology in order to function nowadays. As a result, they will need to have quality technology sources when they move to a remote location. Fortunately, IAP Worldwide provides a number of technology solutions for these organizations. IAP will provide computers, servers and routers as well as making sure that all data is secure.

More information on

Securus Technologies Prevents And Solves Crimes

Securus Technology is helping keep people safe, including the inmates in correction facilities across the country. They have published comments from others about Securus using special techniques in order to stop crimes. Since they create a new way to help solve crimes at least once a week, it is impressive the amount of safety work they do for the country as a whole.


It looks as if most people are pleased with their efforts in preventing and solving crimes. This can be so important, especially in correction facilities where many of the inmates have heated tempers. Anything that can be done to assist in keeping them from hurting another person is welcomed.


The company has initiated the ability for other people to come and see a presentation about how they are creating more ways to prevent crimes. They want the public to know what they do, and they are proud to help in any way that they can. This is evident in how many different facilities use their services to protect the public. With all types of avenues to choose from with Securus Technologies, many facilities have seen dramatic improvements by controlling the crime that can happen in them.


They are a company that works with over 1,000,000 inmates across the country. They utilize a variety of techniques to protect the inmates and the public. These techniques include investigation, public information and a lot more. They are headquartered in Dallas, TX, and they deal with several government agencies to make the country and world a better and safer place to live. .



Labaton Sucharow assists a SEC Whistleblower to get a significant Reward.

The Labaton Sucharow Law Firm is a highly reputable provider of whistleblower representation services. The company established its whistleblower representation service in 2010, and it has developed over time to be the best in the industry. It currently has staff who make its services exceptional, and its professionals include financial predictors, internal investigators, and forensic auditors. The firm recently informed the public that one of the clients that it represents was awarded $17 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The informant’s reward is usually set by the whistleblower protection laws, and it is 10 to 30 percent of the money that is gained by the commission as penalties.

The intelligence that was provided by the whistleblower assisted the SEC in discovering several illegal undertakings that were being committed by top firms in the financial sector. The SEC is usually keen on safeguarding the identity of the whistleblower, and therefore, it did not provide much information about the case since it may disclose the informant. The head of the whistleblower representation practice of Labaton Sucharow, Jordan A. Thomas, believes that it was right for the whistleblower to offer information to the SEC. Mr. Thomas was an assistant director of the SEC, and therefore, he has ample knowledge and experience in state and federal securities laws.

The Congress created the Investor Protection Fund, which has $400 million that is used for paying informants of the SEC. The commission also encourages foreigners to report cases, and therefore, it provides translators for individuals who do not understand English. The identity of the informant is always protected, and the attorney-client privilege safeguards the information that is provided by the SEC whistleblowers.

Labaton Sucharow has been offering legal services for the past 50 years. The company has been handling cases that deal with securities and the primary clients that it has been serving are organizational investors, consumers, and enterprises. It was a frontrunner in offering representation to informants, and its whistleblower program is currently well established to file proper litigations for the clients. Its employees are well informed on the enactment of the state and federal securities laws hence they can offer the best representation to the SEC informants. The Legal 500, Chambers and Partners and Benchmark Litigation have named the company as a top provider of legal solutions for the complainants.

Mike Baur’s Awesome Founder Story

Mike Baur is becoming a powerful name in Switzerland but it’s also becoming a household name for startups too. Baur has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, and when on Founder Stories, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier asks him what makes this venture such a success. His vast experience in the financing and fundraising for his new venture is just one of the many ways in which he has created success for he and his partners. However, there is more to finance for this successful accelerator program designed for these startups.


The first question out of the gate was about why Baur left such a successful career in the banking industry. While it was a tough question, Baur was transparent about the fact that private banking wasn’t so exciting for him all of the time. He had the chance to do something different, and creating an incubation challenge for new startups was exciting for him. While he wasn’t sure at first how things would go, he wanted to invest in startups in Switzerland. The bottom line is that he saw a need and he was able to go in and solve the problem.


Secondly, Baur was wise to choose such a fitting name for this venture. The Swiss Startup Factory was appropriate, because the name appeals to the younger crowd and it conveys that young people are going to have to work hard. Baur feels that the younger generation may not always see just how hard it is to be successful, and that’s what he wants these individuals to see without fail.


Baur knows what it takes to invest, and he says that they have their skin in the game. He was conveying that they have their money and their time invested, so they are fully vested in what they are doing with the SSUF. Switzerland is viewed as a country of innovation, and when Baur noticed that they didn’t have any young and successful companies he believed that he could help. His vast knowledge and personal experience are a welcome contribution for the country, and he hopes that it will prove true for the SSUF long-term.


His goal was to invest in the fintech industry, which is a thriving industry right now on a global scale as digital technologies continue to be developed.

Kenyan News Anchor Experiences the Bad Taste of Wikipedia

In most cases, Wikipedia is the first source of information that comes up when we look for information in the search engines. The site, which was started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales, has helped people get a lot of information on the internet. However, sometimes Wikipedia is not good because it does not have a good mechanism to verify the credibility of information a person inputs under a particular subject. Recently, a Kenyan TV news anchor was amused when he realized that someone decided to update a Wikipedia page about him with information that was totally made up into some form of hilarious personal review.

According to the information in Wikipedia, Larry Madowo is a Kenyan politician born in 1889. He was a former leader of Kazi Party between 1934 and 1945. The edited information continues to add that he was the Chancellor of Kenya in 1933 and a dictator who fueled the circumstances that led to World War II in Europe. In the Wiki edits made, Larry was not born in Kenya but Uganda and mined copper as a young man. The hilarious edited version goes on to say that he attempted a coup in the Girl Scout Movement in Kisumu in 1919.

This cooked story is just a sample of the many incidences that show how Wikipedia can be misused by people with bad and good intentions alike. People have turned the good and selfless source of information that does not ask for a penny for what a person searches into a den of vicious and malicious Wikipedia editors who are only interested in damaging people’s reputation and giving false information. Many people don’t know the potential the site holds for them when they make a Wikipedia page, and that may be the reason why we find people who are out there to undermine the quality of content on the site. The site holds invaluable benefits to business both small and large. With it, one can create a Wiki page that includes a personal biography, manage online reputation, and add credibility and authenticity to his or her business. The resulting effects can be increased sales volume and enhanced visibility in search engines.

The organization recently came with an API mechanism that will be used to control editing on the site. Other concerned affiliate parties have also come up with a mechanism to ensure there is quality content on the site. For instance, there is Get Your Wiki, a site that provides Wikipedia editing services. You can hire a Wikipedia editor from Get Your Wiki who has a rich knowledge of various social, economic, political and religious aspects.